Why Is Your Home’s Water Usage Growing This Spring?

Sudden spikes in your water bills can be annoying, but surges are especially bothersome when you have no idea why your usage is growing. If you have noticed that your San Diego home is using more water this spring, review this list of the most common reasons why your water bill is growing to get to the root of the problem.

Sneaky Leaks

One of the main explanations why a home is using more water is hidden drips and leaks that go unnoticed. These leaks can boost your water bill and lead to the development of rust, mold, and mildew if you don’t resolve them. The best way to check your home for any sign of hidden leaks is to do a thorough investigation of all plumbing areas inside and outside of your house. Inspect all sinks, check behind your toilet, and don't forget to examine your outdoor drains as well.

Trickling Faucets

While one leaking faucet does not appear as a major threat to many homeowners, a drip that continues for a long time will surely have an influence on your utility bills. Worn down rubber gaskets are the usual cause of trickling taps and faucets. These are simple to switch out, and doing so can help save you money.

Inefficient Appliances

If you have just purchased a brand-new appliance for your home and it does not contain a Water Sense logo, the inefficient appliance might be the cause of your rising monthly statements. There are some appliances that do not use water as effectively as others, which is why the United States Environmental Protection Agency began the Water Sense action in an attempt to give customer's information about what items are more effective at preserving water.

Household Changes

If you or your family have recently had guests stay with you or if your child has come home from college for the summer, this is likely the principal cause of your home's elevated water usage. If you or one of your family members has recently developed the habit of taking longer showers or running the water in the bathroom when it is not in use, these might also have something to do with your soaring utility bills.

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