The Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems in San Diego

One of the biggest reasons to call a plumber in the summer in San Diego is a leaky faucet! Leaky faucets during the summer can actually turn into a nightmare for a homeowner. You can have structural damage that gets worse every day, but you are just watching a faucet leak a little. You can also have a leak under your sink which can cause mold, damage to the cabinet, and floor damage before you ever notice the pipe leaking.

Other Summer Plumbing Problems

  • You could notice that your drains are slow or clogging regularly. This could be an easy fix with a plunger and getting your drains cleaned! Call a plumber right away to get quick drain cleaning services so that you don’t have bigger issues later!
  • A clogged septic system. If you have a clog in your septic system, you may smell an odor in your home or notice that all your drains are slow, gurgle, or make other noises. Getting a sewer line inspection is important before you face a situation that is a total clog and your home is no longer livable until the clog is cleared.
  • Broken pipes. If you have a broken or loose pipe, it is time to get some help. Make sure your water is turned off and call a plumber so you can get the pipe fixed and start cleaning up the water.
  • Issues with appliances because of overwork during the summer. Dishwashers and garbage disposals take on a lot of extra work in the summer. Consider your appliances when you overwork them during the summer months. Check the connections and make sure the pipes aren’t corroded once a week during the summer months. This will help you detect any kind of leak before it gets out of control.

Mr. Rooter in San Diego is waiting to help you take care of all your summer plumbing problems in San Diego. If you have a problem or need an inspection, give us a call!