Important Preventative Maintenance for Your Plumbing

Preventative maintenance is the biggest key to having a healthy plumbing system at your home in San Diego. Annual plumbing check-ups are a great idea so you can stay informed about your home and any future repairs or replacements that you need to plan.

  • Water heaters should have an inspection, so sediment doesn’t end up damaging the tank or making it less effective.
  • Check hoses and pipes for cracks, wear, and leaks. If you catch a leak, you could be stopping something that would become a much bigger issue in the future. Leaks can damage your flooring in places that you can’t see and make it dangerous. You could also have mold inside your walls or flooring from moisture caused by a leak.
  • Have a plumber your septic tank or sewer line inspected annually. Have your tank pumped and your lines cleaned, so they work well all year.
  • Prevent water pressure issues in your home by cleaning your shower heads and removing sediment that accumulates over the year.
  • Refresh or write your lists to put by the sinks and toilets to remind everyone in your house what they can and can’t put down the drains and garbage disposal.
  • Check the seal around your toilet and make sure that it looks like it is still sealed properly. Remove the lid to the tank and inspect the parts to make sure they are all working correctly and aren’t corroded or covered in grime.
  • Install hair catchers in your showers and make sure that your drains look clean and don’t have any build-up along the sides.
  • Listen to your pipes and smell them often to make sure your sewer line is doing okay. If your sewer line has damage or a clog, you may notice gurgling or an unpleasant smell in your sink or bathtub.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing in San Diego is available to do your annual plumbing inspections and give you advice on the plumbing specific to your home. If you have concerns or questions about the plumbing in your home, we can walk through the issues you have and make sure everything is working well.