How to Make Sure Your Plumbing is Ready for Winter in California

When the coldest months of the year approaches, it is time to start thinking about your home’s plumbing. More freezing temperatures affect our pipes and can even damage them. You may also have to face winter storms this year. Having a stable plumbing system will ensure that your house can weather the storm better.

  • Check your faucets to make sure they aren’t leaking or dripping.
  • Walk your property and make sure that you don’t have leaky pipes on the outside or inside of your home. If you do find a leak, call Mr. Rooter for fast and efficient service.
  • Sealing your doors and windows will keep your indoor plumbing warmer.
  • If you have plumbing in an area that isn’t heated, consider insulating the pipes. Insulation helps keep you prepared for any weather, including freezing temperatures.
  • Have your water heater flushed to rid it of any sediment built up in the tank. Flushing your water heater should be a regular practice to make sure that it has a long lifespan. The typical tank water heater should last more than ten years. Consider a replacement if it’s been longer than ten years, and your water heater shows signs of wear or isn’t as efficient as you’d like.
  • Disconnect your outside hoses and get bib protectors for your outdoor faucets. Protectors keep your pipes from freezing if there is an unusual cold front that comes through Southern California.
  • Prevent flooding by making sure that all your outside and inside drains are clear. Also, cleaning your gutters can help prevent flooding that ends up causing water damage.
  • If you notice any odors or sounds coming from your plumbing system, have them checked right away so you can avoid costly repair services later.
  • Cover your drains with removable screens so that you can collect debris before it goes into your plumbing. When debris clogs your drains, it is more likely to freeze and cause a total clog. These total clogs can lead to burst pipes.
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