Signs You Have a Problem with Your Water Line

If you have an older home or a water line that wasn’t installed correctly, then you may have a problem with your water line if you notice that there is a leak on your property, or your water bill spikes. Contact Mr. Rooter to have your San Diego home inspected for a leak or break in your water line.

  1. If you notice that your water pressure drastically decreased, then you could have a break in your water line. If you don’t notice a leak in your home, then the break could be in your yard. Check your lawn to see if there are any puddles or other indicators that you have water leaking from a broken pipe.
  2. A spike in your water bill is usually the first indicator that you have a problem with your water line. Most leaks go undetected for a while because they are in a place that is hidden or underground.
  3. If you see dirt or rust in your tap water, then it isn’t safe, and you should call for emergency plumbing services. The soil in your water is a typical sign of a broken pipe underground, and dirt is coming into the hole. Rust is a sign of corrosion.
  4. If you think you have a problem with your water line, but you can’t find any signs of a leak, turn off the water to your home. Once your water is off, inspect all the pipes and listen for running or dripping water in your house. Sometimes it isn’t easy to find a water leak, so Mr. Rooter is happy to provide water leak detection services and repairs.
  5. You may notice that the problem with your water line is in your yard. Signs of an underground leak are grass that is discolored over the water line. Plants also grow faster when they are over a broken water line. The ground is usually different in some way when the water line is leaking or broken.