Does Your Home in San Diego Need a New Water Heater?

If you have an older water heater and your warranty is expired, you may want to consider a new and more efficient model. You may also have problems with your water heater like rust or minimal hot water! Fall is a perfect time to replace your water heater because the upcoming winter months are the most demanding on water heaters.

Reasons to Replace Your Water Heater:

  • If you run hot water in a pan and you notice that the water has a brown or red tint, you probably have rust in your water heater. Once rust is in a water heater, it is time to replace the unit quickly. Rusty water means that the inside of your water heater is deteriorating.
  • If your water heater isn’t producing enough hot water, then you could have sediment in your tank. The residue will separate the water from the heat source and make it hard to heat the water.
  • A water heater that is older and makes noises usually needs replacement services. The sounds are typically from sediment at the bottom of the tank. This sediment allows your water heater to become inefficient. Ask your plumber if flushing the tank will fix the problem or if you need to replace the unit. A professional will tell you how severe the problem is inside the tank and advise you on repair and replacement services.
  • If you have a leak from your tank water heater, then you should have your water heater replaced. A leaky pipe can be fixed, but the tank itself is usually not repairable. The risk is too high that that crack or leak would get bigger and dump many gallons of hot water into your home.
  • If you want an upgraded water heater for more efficiency and to avoid consistent repairs, a new unit will give you the conveniences you desire.