The Dangers of DIY When it Comes to Rain Drain Maintenance | Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Diego County

With the amount of information available on the Internet, it can be tempting to take a DIY approach to household repairs. While there are certainly minor issues that homeowners and business owners can address on their own, there are more complicated issues that should be left to the professionals. Proper rain drain maintenance is one of those things.

The Trouble With DIY Diagnostics

The most likely cause of an issue with your rain drain is a blockage. This can occur with small bits of litter and detritus slip through the holes in the grate and start to accumulate until it becomes extremely difficult for water to filter through. But that’s not the only possibility. Pipes in your drainage system can weaken over time, allowing contaminants and soil to leak in. Additionally, the growth of tree roots in your yard can cause larger breaks in the pipes, worsening the issue.

The other problem with attempting to diagnose the issue is that it may take time for negative impacts stemming from poor rain drain maintenance to become apparent. Small amounts of water pooling in sinks and tubs, or unusual color coming out of the faucets can indicate complications within your drainage system. However, these can also be indicators of other problems. Troubleshooting to find the source of the issue on your own is costly, time-consuming, and puts you at risk of misidentifying what’s gone wrong.

Stick With the Professionals

Technicians at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of San Diego County have years of experience that allow them to locate the cause in a short amount of time and get to work on the necessary maintenance and repairs. In the event that the trouble is due to tree roots or dirt and silt in your pipes, our professionals have access to the high-pressure, heavy-duty tools necessary to clear them. Attempting to do so yourself is extremely difficult, and likely to be ineffective. If you suspect you might be having drain related issues, contact us today.