Checklist: Summer Plumbing Maintenance Musts in Southern California | Mr. Rooter San Diego, CA

If you're not a professional plumber, it can be hard to know when to do what kind of maintenance to your home or commercial property's plumbing. In Southern California, it turns out that summer is the best time to do certain maintenance since this is the time of year that puts the most strain on plumbing systems. You can use this handy checklist and avoid any major plumbing issues this summer and beyond.

  • Hot water heater inspected and serviced. The warmer the weather, the more showers are needed, and the more laundry gets done. This puts a lot of strain on the water heater. Having it serviced at this time can catch any weak points in the hoses and prevent the highly inconvenient situation of suddenly being stuck without hot water.
  • Check faucets and pipes for leaks. Not only will inspecting your faucets and pipes for leaks save you money but checking your plumbing for leaks can prevent damage to flooring and cabinetry, along with damage from mold. An experienced plumber can identify and repair these kinds of issues in a short amount of time.
  • Get pool plumbing checked and repaired, if necessary. With pools across San Diego County at peak use in the summertime, this also means more wear and tear on the pipe and drainage systems of your pool. Proper inspection and maintenance means you'll get to enjoy using your swimming pool, uninterrupted, all summer.
  • Have outdoor irrigation systems checked and repaired. Most home and commercial properties have to increase watering and landscaping during the summer months. This can also translate to more leaks, and even to broken sprinkler heads from frequent mowing. To ensure the proper functioning of your watering system, summer maintenance is always recommended.
  • Have tree roots augured out from water lines. Summer is when tree roots are most active as they seek out water, which means it's also the best time to ensure this isn't an issue with your plumbing. Tree roots in pipes can do a lot of damage, including causing the sewer system to back up into your home, which everyone wants to avoid. Regular inspection and maintenance of your lines means you don't have to worry about it, for the summer, or beyond.
With regular summer maintenance and repair, you can generally avoid any larger plumbing issues down the line. To schedule an inspection, maintenance, or any repairs, contact our team of experts at Mr. Rooter of San Diego today.
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