Is Low Water Pressure a Reason to Call a Plumber? | Mr. Rooter San Diego, CA

Low or weak water pressure may seem like a common feature of some houses, but, frequently, it's an indication of a much bigger underlying plumbing issue. If you regularly experience low water pressure in your home or commercial property, it may be time to have the problem properly diagnosed by an expert plumber.

Showerhead or faucet screens may need to be cleared. While we have high water quality in San Diego County, it's still common for faucets to clog from mineral buildup. This is usually an easy fix, which can simply involve either cleaning or replacing the screens. It's recommended that you start your troubleshooting here, as it's the least intensive fix for low water pressure issues.

Corrosion in your pipes. While corrosion may not be observable from the outside of the pipe, the corrosion on the inside diameter of the pipe is what makes it hard for water to pass through, as it restricts the water flow. Plumbers in the County of San Diego know all too well that pipe corrosion is a common issue here. Replacing the pipes is the only real way to remedy this but is a very common cause of low water pressure.

Tree roots in your pipes. Another common cause of low or weak water pressure is tree roots growing into the pipe walls. Damaged and corroded pipes are especially susceptible to this. Not only do tree roots create a place for leaks to spring, but they eventually grow into the pipes far enough to cause blockages. Either of these could be the cause of low water pressure in your home. A plumber can easily augur the pipes, clearing them of tree roots and restoring your water pressure to normal.

Other leaks. Sometimes, pipes begin to leak for no discernible reason, and can equally cause your water pressure to drop quickly. In addition to having a negative effect on your water pressure, leaks inside the home also damage floors, cabinets, or worse, especially if not repaired promptly. If your water pressure is low due to leaky pipes, this is something that needs to be taken care of immediately, by a professional plumber.

If you are experiencing low water pressure in San Diego County, let us help you to diagnose and fix the problem. Our team of professional plumbers at Mr. Rooter San Diego have years of combined experience and are excellent problem solvers. Contact us today to schedule a consult.