Spring Clean Your Toilet Tank

For the most part, the toilet tank stays clean. The rubber stopper at the bottom of the tank ensures the dirty water stays out. However, the tank can get messy, and occasional cleaning is a great idea. Here are the steps.

Toilet Tank Draining

Drain the water. Start by turning off the water supply to the toilet. The knob closest to the wall, you can twist a few times clockwise to ensure you stopped water flowing. Flush the toilet a couple of times to get rid of water in the tank.

Toilet Tank Scrub

The most important part of the scrub is not damaging the pieces inside the tank. It's important to be easy. You can use a soft sponge and scrub scouring pad, or you can use a long handle brush.

Mineral Deposits and Vinegar Soak

Please skip this step if your home runs on a septic system.

If mineral deposits are present, you can soak with vinegar. If you have a couple of areas, you could pour in those areas only. However, if the entire tank has mineral deposits, we suggest filling up the whole tank to soak.

The Water Refill

Now the tank is clean; you can turn the water knob a few times to allow water to flow into the tank. Once the toilet has been flushed clean of vinegar, you can proceed to use the toilet.

We recommend cleaning the toilet tank a couple of times per year. Avoid drop-in cleaner tablets which contain chemicals that can harm your toilet in the long run.