What Is HydroScrub Jetting and Why Should You Consider It for Your San Diego Business? | Mr. Rooter San Diego, CA

If you own a business in the San Diego area, chances are you don’t think about your plumbing very often. It’s an essential component of your building that can stay out of sight, out of mind—until there’s a problem. If you’ve noticed problems like clogs, slow drains, and backups happening more and more often recently, you may benefit from HydroScrub jetting services from Mr. Rooter San Diego.

How Does HydroScrub Work?

While physical methods of removing clogs and blockages attack the clog little by little until water can pass, HydroScrub thoroughly scours the entirety of your business’s pipes. A technician accesses your system through the exterior cleanout and inserts a custom nozzle attached to a water tank and pressure machine. Then, the technician adjusts the pressure to an optimum level and blasts the interior of your pipes with water pressurized up to 5,000 PSI.

This pressurized water busts through most clogs and even small branches with ease. In addition, it attacks years of greasy buildup and scale that accumulate inside your pipes. After removal, clogs, buildup, and scale—as well as the pressurized water—flow naturally back out and into the sewer where they belong.

Why Should You Consider HydroScrub for Your Business?

If you’re constantly having to address clogs and slow drains, you likely have excessive buildup on the insides of your plumbing system. While snakes, augers, and rodding can be effective in removing clogs, they do not address the soft buildup that can make clogs more likely to occur. In contrast, HydroScrub jetting services completely remove this buildup, preventing future issues.

At Mr. Rooter San Diego, we recommend commercial properties engage in preventive maintenance to alleviate the issues caused by high-volume usage. Regular HydroScrub services can keep your plumbing system healthy and prevent bigger-ticket expenses down the road. Businesses that regularly employ the use of greases and oils, such as restaurants and body shops, as well as businesses with unusually high customer volume, like retail centers and office buildings, can benefit from regular services.

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