3 Bugs in Your Home that May Signal a Plumbing Problem

Bugs are smart; they always have a reason to be where they are (a bug’s gotta eat, right?). If your drains begin to build up an excessive amount of organic water, some bugs are attracted to the food source. As a bonus, the readily available water supply encourages these bugs to move in. Explore our top three critter offenders found near clogged drains and leaks.

3 Bugs to Watch Out for at Home

If these bugs are in your home, pay attention. They may be a sign you need to have your plumbing system inspected.

1. Phorid Fly

Commonly mistaken for fruit flies, the phorid fly looks very similar, with the exception of a “humpback” appearance to their thorax. In your home, the phorid fly feeds on rotting food and is naturally attracted to water sources. They will often branch out from their breeding grounds (which are deep within your drain) to explore the home, so you may see them in other rooms.

2. Centipede

Harmless and only about 1.5 inches long, centipedes like to hang out in dark, damp places. Unfortunately, not all dark places are meant to be damp. If you see a centipede, try to figure out what part of your home it is attracted to as you may have a leak.

3. Drain Fly

Appropriately named as they congregate around and breed in drains, the drain fly is small, furry, and features two rounded black wings. They are simply too tempted by the slime that accrues inside drains and in very damp areas to stay away. If you notice drain flies in your home, you may have a clog forming or an undiscovered leak.

Discover the Source of Your Bugs Before It’s Too Late

Have you noticed any of these bugs in your home? Don’t underestimate them. Get a plumbing inspection as soon as possible to determine if the critters are making their home because you have a clog forming. Contact your neighborhood Mr. Rooter in San Diego to schedule an inspection today!