Mr. Rooter® Promotes Water Conservation

At Mr. Rooter®, our expert plumbers get lots of questions from homeowners about how to save money on their water bills each month. On this page, we’ve compiled our top nine water conservation tips that will help you keep more hard-earned money in your pocket.

Save Water in the Kitchen

  • Use the dishwasher less often: Make sure your dishwasher is completely full before running it. If you’re planning to buy a new model soon, look for an efficient ENERGY STAR qualified unit. Bonus: With this tip, you’ll save money on your electricity bill and your water bill.
  • Use a bucket when hand-washing dishes: Place a large bowl, basin or bucket inside the sink before doing dishes instead of filling the whole sink with water.
  • Reuse leftover cooking water: Save that leftover water to water your garden, your indoor plants, or anything else that could use a little H2O.

Water Conservation in the Laundry Room

  • Do your hand washing in a basin: Instead of filling the whole sink, save water when washing your delicate clothing by filling a smaller bucket.
  • Upgrade your washing machine hoses. Burst hoses in the laundry room are the most common cause of residential indoor flooding. Those rubber hoses aren’t as sturdy as your plumbing pipes or your washing machine itself. Each time your washing machine shuts off, it sends a shock wave (called a water hammer) through the pipes. This repeated action stretches, weakens and damages rubber washing machine hoses over time. Save yourself a high water bill, plumbing repair costs, property damage, and overall aggravation. You can burst rubber hoses by replacing them with flexible, stainless steel, braided hoses.

Bathroom Water-Saving Tips

  • Install low flow shower heads: This one tip can reduce your water bill by 25 to 60 percent, according to the US Department of Energy. Shower aerators work as well.
  • Save water with every flush of your toilet: Fill a 20 oz. water bottle, secure the lid and place it in your toilet tank. The bottle displaces some of the water in the tank, causing it to use less water for each flush. You’ll save about 20 ounces per flush, which will add up throughout the month.
  • Replace your toilet flapper annually: When you buy a new flapper, get an adjustable one. You’ll save about 3 gallons of water per flush. That adds up over time.

Plumbers That Care For the Environment

Water conservation is an important part of caring for the environment. Mr. Rooter is dedicated to providing outstanding plumbing services for customers while educating them on the importance of water conservation. Simple hints and tips like these can save you significant amounts of money over time!

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