Septic Tank Repairs Near You

There are two different ways that a home must dispose and treat waste. If your home is connected to a public sewer system, then this is done for you and you don’t have to think much about it. However, if your home is in a rural area or simply one that does not rely on the public sewer system, then you have a septic tank for the job. Septic tanks are an affordable and effective way to handle the task and as long as you have it installed, repaired and maintained properly, will last your family for many years.

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Septic Services in Flagstaff

While it may seem like a difficult undertaking to find a plumber who specializes in septic tanks, it is not. In the Flagstaff area, you can rely on the same plumbers who take care of the rest of your home’s plumbing, Mr. Rooter. The experts at Mr. Rooter have been pumping, repairing and maintaining septic tanks for over two decades and know exactly how to make sure yours is working as it should.

Septic tanks last for a long time due to the strong material they are made of, the large size that they are in order to handle the job at hand and the simplistic nature of how they work. In fact, many Flagstaff home owners have septic tanks that have lasted the duration of the time they have owned their home because of the proper way they have maintained them over the years. A septic tank works by receiving the waste each and every time you flush or wash it down the drain and then partially decomposing it while the matter separates within the tank. Solids settle to the bottom while the liquids remain on top. After being treated, most of the matter is absorbed into the ground and nearby tree roots or evaporated. The remaining, more solid matter must be pumped out of the tank by a Mr. Rooter plumber who is experienced and certified to do so. Call us today to find out how often your septic tank should be pumped, as this varies from family to family and home to home.

Occasionally, a septic tank will have a problem that needs repaired, especially when it is not maintained correctly. A septic tank leak can cause disastrous damage to your yard and home as well as sending dangerous gasses into the air of your home. Some of the most common repair needs are:

  • Parts of the septic tank that are damaged by tree roots.
  • Septic tanks that have not been pumped routinely.
  • Chemicals or other non-biodegradable materials being flushed into the tank.
  • Older tanks that may be made from weaker materials.

Septic Pumping Near Me

If you suspect your septic tank may be leaking or not working efficiently and effectively, the best thing to do is call Mr. Rooter of Flagstaff right away for a routine inspection and possible pumping. During an inspection, we have specialized equipment that can make sure the walls of your septic tank are intact and everything is working properly.

Mr. Rooter will respond quickly and always offer you excellent customer service, quality work and a fair price so that you will know why your friends and neighbors already call Mr. Rooter of Flagstaff for all their septic tank needs!

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