Things You Should Know About Low-Flow Shower Heads

An ultra-low-flow shower head can save many gallons of water but can clog just as easily as a standard shower head.

  • Remove the head from the shower arm with a small pipe wrench or if the head has flats, use an adjustable wrench.
  • The inlet side has no screen to clog, but when you unscrew the front of the unit and pull the head off, you'll find and O-ring and disc inside.
  • A small pick can pull out the O-ring if it doesn't fall out; the disc will fall out right after. Do not lose them.
  • Clean out the holes if they have debris in them. A small pick or needle will crush any iron or lime clogging the holes.
  • Shake out any residue. To reassemble the unit, drop the disc into the shower head end, and then drop the little O-ring on top of that.
  • Twist the shower end clockwise on the base until it's snug. No tools are needed.

These cleaning tips should resolve any issue of poor water flow through this cost saving replacement shower head that can be purchased at any West Chester, OH and Butler County plumbing supply store or local hardware chain. For more information about water-saving showerheads, visit the EPA WaterSense page.

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