With Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we offer camera inspections to our customers living in Ann Arbor and the neighboring communities. With these affordable and reliable services, customers can keep their sewer system maintained and functioning smoothly for many years.

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Why Sewer Camera Inspection Services Are Important In Ann Arbor, MI

Most don’t think about their pipes until damage starts to show its symptoms, and by then, it’s typically too late. Wear and tear on pipes is inevitable but dealing with repair stress doesn’t have to be. If our inspection service is able to find the damage before it becomes too extensive, we can issue a quick repair without disrupting your day-to-day routine.

However, not having an inspection could result in your cracks becoming larger which could cause an increase in your water bill. Clogs could cause overflow into your home. There is always a possibility that a damaged pipe could burst, and that could cause your home to flood with wastewater and repairing all of the water damage would be incredibly expensive.

How Routine Camera Inspection Services Work In Michigan Homes

Instead, have a routine inspection performed. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s affordable. The inspection equipment consists of a video camera, cables, and a portable TV screen. The waterproof camera is attached to the fiber optic cables, and this is inserted into the desired pipe.

The length of the cords allows it to extend far down linear pipes so that the camera can catch problems that could be difficult to reach. Thanks to its high-definition quality, the camera feed can be crisp and allows the technician to easily identify the problem. This footage is sent back to the portable screen in real-time. So instead of going back to the shop to analyze the feed, our professional staff can examine it while on site.

Once the technician is able to diagnose the problem, they can begin formulating the solution. If the pipe has damaged areas but is still structurally sound, pipe lining may be a good choice for repair. Or if it appears to be too damaged, the pipe can be carefully burst and then replaced. There are even solutions for clogged and dirty drain, a simple session of hydro jetting.

This inspection is trenchless, which means it’s all underground. Traditionally, professionals would have to dig down to the pipe, simply just to access it. That could result in pulling up floorboards, foundations, or parts of your yard. It could take up to several days to get the inspection complete, and then you would need to hire additional help to put your home back together after all the digging. But with Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s advanced technology, you don’t have to worry about this. All we need is a moment of your time and we can get our inspection going and get you a solution.

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