Keeping your sewer pipes maintained and healthy is just one of the many ways to extend the longevity of your home, and the sewer system is particularly vital. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we are proud to offer residents of Ann Arbor sewer repair services that are conducted with trenchless technology and equipment.

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When Are Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs Needed In Ann Arbor, Michigan?

Trenchless sewer pipeline repairs may be recommended for Ann Arbor residents if we diagnose the source of any of these following problems in your home:

  • High water bills
  • Mold under the sink or along the bathroom walls
  • Sounds of running water

These signs could indicate that there is a crack or leak in one of your sewer pipes. To do an inspection, our technician will insert a camera into the pipe. The footage is played back in real time to a portable TV screen, which allows our expert to identify the problems while on site.

How Trenchless Sewer Drain Line Repairs Work in Michigan

If we find that the pipe has minor damage, such as cracks or some signs of aging, we will recommend pipe lining as the ideal repair solution. This recommendation is also dependent on whether or not the original pipeline is still structurally stable, as it the epoxy pipe lining needs to adhere to the inside of the pipe smoothly.

Before beginning the repair, the pipe may need to be cleaned with hydro jetting equipment, which relies on pressurized water to blast away buildup or clogs. This washes away old debris and buildup that could be decreasing the width of the pipe. It also creates a smooth surface for the lining to bond onto.

In order to insert the lining, a small access point is dug. The lining, or epoxy resin, is layered onto the surface of an inflatable tube. Once the tube is inflated, the epoxy resin is pressed against the pipe’s wall, creating an airtight barrier. Over a period of twenty-four hours, the epoxy resin hardens into the new wall. The tube can then be removed and the repair will be complete.

However, if the technician finds that the pipe is too damaged or too old for the lining, they may opt to burst the pipe. This is done with precision and care. After an access point is created, the bursting equipment can be inserted. This consists of a bursting head, a hydraulic pulley system, and the replacement pipe. The bursting head is just slightly wider than the diameter of the pipe. This allows it to cleanly split the pipe open. As the bursting head is pulled through the old pipe, it breaks it apart and leaves space for the new one that is attached to the back of the head. Once the new pipe is position correctly, it is attached to the sewer system and is ready for usage once again.

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