At Mr. Rooter Detroit, our team is trained to conduct professional and thorough sewer camera inspections on a regular basis. Designed to help find clogs as well as cracks or pipeline collapses, the technology used in these camera inspections is advanced and precise, ensuring that our diagnostics are accurate and that the solutions our team comes up with are long-lasting and impactful.

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How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

When we perform our sewer camera inspections, our professionally trained technician inserts a long, flexible rod with a camera mounted on its end into your sewer pipe. Suitable for any pipe between two and 36 inches in diameter, the camera produces high-resolution images that will allow our team to gain a clear picture of the state of your pipes, informing their decisions for the treatment of your sewer lines. Not only are the images used as a powerful diagnostic tool, the camera itself can travel into pipes under the foundation of your home, in your walls, in your backyard, and in pipes bent at 90-degree angles, making it highly flexible as well.

Most importantly, a camera inspection pinpoints the exact location of damage within your pipe. Unlike traditional methods, which rely on educated guesswork to determine which pipe to unearth and remove in your home, a sewer camera gets the right location, every time. Not surprisingly, this reduces both time and cost associated with the job.

Like all of our procedures, a sewer camera inspection is trenchless. Using cutting-edge technology, the need to dig a long, deep trench in your yard or into the concrete of your basement is no longer necessary. Only a small hole will be created to reach and access your pipe, and all repairs, no matter how serious, will be conducted through this point. In addition to creating less mess, trenchless procedures prevent you from encountering many hidden costs. Not included in the bill for a traditional procedure is the cost to refill the trench, pay for new landscaping or freshly poured concrete, and other items. The trenchless method also cuts down substantially on the time until your job is completed, allowing you and your family or employees to get back to business as usual in no time.

Other Uses For Our Camera Inspections

At Mr. Rooter Detroit, our camera inspections are not only utilized to identify the nature and locate the source of a sewer line problem but can also be used to find lost jewelry or locate animals trapped in your pipes. Additionally, they are sometimes used by would-be homeowners to inspect a home’s sewer system before its purchase. Though home inspections are often thorough to the extreme, they do not contain an in-depth examination of the pipes themselves, which can allow unsuspecting problems to continue to fester and cause complications down the road. Ordering a sewer camera inspection for a home you’re considering purchasing of is a great way to avoid inheriting an elderly sewer system, or one that has suffered abuse from its previous owners.

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