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Sewer line issues can be a stressful and inconvenient fact of life, but repairs are inevitable as pipes age. Even well-maintained sewer systems will eventually experience leaks, clogs, tree root damage and even total pipe collapse. Sewer or water line issues can evolve into a significant problem no Oakland County property owner can afford to ignore.

Many insurance policies do not fully cover the expenses associated with sewer line repair or replacement, nor will they reimburse property owners for the costs of repairing or replacing any landscaping or structures that have been damaged or destroyed during the repair process. As a result, a sewer repair can result in some major out-of-pocket costs – a burden a lot of property owners did not budget for.

At Mr. Rooter Detroit, we have invested in trenchless sewer line replacement techniques – a technological breakthrough that has saved thousands of property owners valuable time and money.

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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Is Clean and Convenient

Traditional replacement techniques require the full-scale excavation of a home’s entire sewer line to access and replace the damaged pipe. In contrast, trenchless plumbing avoids the mess and hassle of digging, with a shorter completion time.

With trenchless pipe lining projects, our first step is to assess the extent of the problem using a sewer video camera. Then, we clean the line out to prepare it for rehabilitation. Once we’ve cleared away any blockages from the pipe, our next step is to repair it. We place an inflatable pipe liner coated with a special liquid epoxy resin into your old sewer pipe. Once it’s positioned correctly, we inflate it and allow the resin to coat the walls of the damaged pipe. As it dries, the epoxy seals off any cracks and creates a resilient new pipe that will last decades.

After an additional inspection and testing, your new pipe will be ready to use. This entire process usually takes our licensed technicians less than a day to complete.

The Trenchless Benefit

  • Cost-Effective
    Trenchless pipe lining requires fewer workers to complete the job, while leaving sidewalks, lawns, patios, parking lots and landscaping intact. This often results in major cost savings for property owners.
  • Less Cleanup
    Trenchless pipe lining only requires our technicians to dig two small access holes at either end of the pipe, which causes far less messy property damage.
  • Less Labor-Intensive
    Less digging equals less equipment and fewer man-hours spent at the worksite.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Trenchless sewer line replacement methods are more eco-friendly than conventional repair processes. Not only do traditional processes use more full but the digging runs the risk of unearthing toxic substances that might leach into the water supply. Eliminating the need for digging a trench means reducing all the health risks associated with digging, keeping the toxic substances underground and promoting safety and health.
  • Improved Pipeline Efficiency
    Trenchless pipe repair improves the overall function of the pipe itself. The new pipe will be seamless and damage-resistant, with improved flow capacity as well.
At Mr. Rooter Detroit, we know it’s impossible to put a price on your time – or your satisfaction. That’s why we offer free quotes, convenient appointment times and guarantee our parts and our workmanship. When you need the most dependable locally owned sewer repair services in the Oakland County area, look to Mr. Rooter to solve the problem quickly and at an affordable price.
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