Homeowners instinctively reach for a drain cleaning solution whenever a recurring clog presents itself. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we don't recommend the use of commercial drain products because they can do more damage than good. These solutions contain harmful chemicals that could advance the corrosion process for your particular pipe material. We offer hydro jetting, a trenchless cleaning process that clears up any clogging issues you may have and prevent future ones from forming in the near future.

Our company starts drain cleaning with a sewer inspection. The real time feed allows our technicians and their respective customers to see what's happening inside your pipes. An HD camera is affixed to a flexible line and fed down open drains or cleanouts. A transmitter sends the visual to a compatible device for our technicians to see. From there, we discuss possible solutions and the best trenchless procedure that will get your system back up and running in optimal condition. A video inspection will also reveal any and all structural weakness, breaks or cracks in your pipe and give us an idea of your sewer line's overall condition.

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Drain Cleaning in Port Huron, Michigan

Hydro jetting is one of the newest trenchless processes that's been making waves in the plumbing repair industry. This remarkable procedure uses highly pressurized water to clear out the debris stuck in your pipes. A special hydro nozzle is attached to the pumping equipment downstream to catch all calcified matter and flush it out upstream. All interior points of the pipe get the cleaning treatment for a thorough wash.

Drain cleaning is one solution that really works against constant clogs and backups. Household materials get flushed down each day and sometimes they stick to the inner walls of your sewer line. Soap scum, detergent, oil, grease, toothpaste and hair can accumulate and prevent or block the flow of water. Hydro jetting is powerful enough to break down and scour out matter and send them out to the municipal treatment plant. Flow is restored to its original state and becomes more efficient. You get a new-like pipe with the original diameter for optimum function.

If you're looking for a safe, green solution for unclogging your sewer lines then hydro jetting is the answer. Our technicians use only specialized equipment and pressurized water to clean your drain lines. We don't use harmful chemicals or snakes that could further damage your system. It's a versatile trenchless procedure that works on almost any kind of pipe material, from clay, PVC, cast iron, concrete, orangeburg and more. We are licensed to carry out these drain cleaning services and have years of experience. You'll have a clean sewer line that works beautifully in just a few hours after we arrive

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