A timely sewer camera inspection prevents plumbing emergencies from occurring, such as backflows or flooding due to clogged drains. A well-maintained sewer system is a key component to peace of mind, whether you're a homeowner or a business owner in in Port Huron, Michigan. Camera inspections can reveal what's really happening underneath. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we do comprehensive, state of the art inspections using the latest gadgets and years of plumbing experience to keep small problems from becoming emergencies.

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How Our Camera Inspections Allow Us To Make Accurate Evaluations Of Your Pipes

In years past it was common to have trenches dug up along the sewer pipes to see if there were any deteriorated pipes that needed repair or replacements. Today's trenchless camera inspection has gone a long way from that. Your drain lines can be inspected using a relatively small CCTV camera and a viewing device. You can get a visual of what's causing your plumbing to act up. More than that, our technicians can formulate the best course of action available to bring your sewer lines back to optimal condition.

Our technicians simply equip a fiber optic line with a tiny camera and feed it down an open drain, a manhole or a cleanout in order to access your entire sewer system. A live feed is sent to a compatible device, giving us a peek of your pipe line and revealing pertinent information. The flexible equipment can navigate through pipe bends and corners with ease on both systems big and small.

Innovative technology allows us to conduct trenchless repairs, replacements or drain cleaning services as needed when an inspection uncovers the following:

  • Blockages and Clogs
    One of the most common reasons to call in an expert technician. Accumulation of soap scum, grease, food debris and everyday items get flushed down. Over years, calcified matter sticks to the inner pipe diameter and forms a chokepoint.
  • Collapsed, Broken or Cracked Pipes
    These problems can arise due to freezing weather conditions, ground movement, and shifting soil. Older pipes are more brittle and therefore become susceptible to cracks and holes, leading to leaks.
  • Off Grade Pipes
    Pipe installation may have been done with sub-par materials that easily corrodes, deteriorates or collapses over the years. Plumbing issues are bound to happen. Newer properties are not exempt because inexperienced contractors could buy cheap materials or have the sewer lines improperly installed.

How We Fix Faulty Pipelines In Port Huron, Michigan

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, our technicians record vital information and advise property owners with how to best go about fixing the problem. The right solution only leads to a trouble-free sewer system. All our trucks are fitted with the latest repair and inspection equipment and tools for faster service. We can perform hydro jetting, which is a process of injecting high-pressure water down the pipes to disintegrate formed matter and flush it out of your system. We can also repair broken pipes using CIPP, a trenchless procedure that forms a new pipe within the old pipe. Camera inspections can verify that the repair was a complete success. A sewer video inspection can also double as a guarantee when you're buying a property and appraising its total value.

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