Mr. Rooter Detroit does more than clean your drains. Our professional and emergency plumbers in Port Huron, MI are available for small jobs and large jobs, like sewer repair, alike. Our team offers a number of sewer repair Port Huron services including line replacement, cleaning, and routine maintenance.

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Sewer Line Repair Needs

Age, weather, and nearby construction are just a few of the conditions that can cause sewer lines to fall into disrepair. The Mr. Rooter team can address a number of Port Huron sewer issues, including:
  • Broken or cracked pipe: Pipes can be damaged by shifting soil, freezing temperatures, or construction if underground line checks aren’t made beforehand.
  • Clog: A foreign object can become lodged in the pipe or grease buildup can slow the water flow.
  • Corrosion: As the pipe ages, the material begins to deteriorate, causing breaks or leaks.
  • Bellied pipe: A section of the sewer line begins to sag because of soil or ground conditions, creating a dip in the pipe that can collect debris and cause a blockage.
  • Leaking joints: Water will begin to escape from broken seals designed to hold the pipes together.
  • Tree root: Shrubbery and tree roots have the power to grow into and even through sewer lines, preventing regular flow or maintenance.
  • Expired materials: For pipes that were installed decades ago, off-grade piping materials may have been used, causing the line to deteriorate or corrode.

No matter the issue, Mr. Rooter Detroit has the equipment and professional plumbing team to solve each issue. With state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll survey the problem with minimal disruption or digging to determine the best repair option. Depending on the issue, here are the methods of Port Huron sewer repair routes.

Traditional Sewer Line Repair Method

Trenching a sewer line is typically the method used when a repair is needed. The open cut allows access to the surrounding area and the damage to allow crews to work cleanly. Large equipment like a backhoe is used to open and refill the work space.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair Methods

Trenchless sewer repair in Port Huron is a solution offered by the Mr. Rooter team. This advanced process helps avoid the destruction of your yard, cut up driveways, or demolished parking lots. Our team provides quality repair with minimal environmental disruption.

Repairing Burst Pipes

Using a hydraulic machine, the Mr. Rooter team uses your damaged pipe as a guide to make the repair to a burst pipe. Small access holes are created at the point of damage and then again when the damage ends. The machine pulls the complete replacement pipe through the old path, simultaneously breaking up the damaged pipe.

Pipe Relining Sewer Repair Process

As its name implies, pipe relining is the process of creating a pipe within a pipe to reestablish flow. The epoxy material used in the process clings to the inside of the old pipe, creating a smooth inner wall. This process often calls for little digging and can be used for a number of challenges like tree roots, small cracks or holes, and to seal joint connections.

For your sewer repair Port Huron needs, the Mr. Rooter team offers a number of solutions, thinking of your needs first and keeping your plumbing system running smoothly.

For questions about your sewer line or to request an estimate, call the Mr. Rooter Detroit team at (888) 907-7322.

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