Technology has greatly advanced over the last few decades. With that progress comes great innovation, especially in the plumbing repair industry. Before, trenches had to be dug in order to repair your home's plumbing. Many homeowners are unaware that excavation can increase the risk of ground contamination and compromise the health and safety of you or your family. Today, all it takes is hiring professionals who are well-versed in trenchless technology for a faster, safer, and more affordable solution.

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What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair, & How Is It Beneficial For Homeowners?

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we offer trenchless pipe repair, a no-dig solution using the latest technological equipment and products. Having trenchless technology is a major convenience for homeowners and business owners in Port Huron, Michigan as it gives total guarantee that your sewer issues will be fixed. There's no more mess and added labor costs of digging up your yard, tearing up your walls or your flooring. Repairs are now done above the ground by means of using one or two small access points, specialized equipment, and a few expert technicians to get the job done.

You can trust our qualified technicians to conduct a thorough sewer inspection to determine the primary reason of your sewer line malfunction. A crystal clear feed allows us to conduct pipe investigation, record images and gather a detailed analysis which leads to the right diagnosis. From there, our experienced technicians can formulate the best plan to have your sewer system fixed in no time.

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How We Conduct Pipe Lining Solutions In Michigan

Pipe lining is the answer to the most common sewer pipe problems. An initial camera inspection will reveal the extent and severity of the damage. A liner is cut and coated with special epoxy resin, then placed inside the problem spot. When the resin is cured it forms the inner pipe inside the old one, effectively covering the damage. The inversion method makes laying of hundreds of feet of new pipe material possible in just one go. The new HDPE material lasts for 50 years or even more.

How The Pipe Bursting Method Works In Port Huron

When there's little to nothing left of your damaged pipes then our technicians recommend the pipe bursting method. A conical head leads the charge, breaking up the old pipe and scattering the remains to the adjacent soil. A new pipe is led at the same time on the exact same spot as the old, damaged pipe. This trenchless technology can be completed using just 2 access points, with one serving as the entry and the other as the exit point.

Trenchless methodologies are applicable for any kind of pipe, whether clay, cast iron, concrete, corrugated metal, concrete, and the newer PVC pipes. Trenchless is an excellent solution for cracked, bellied, improperly installed pipes and outdated ones. It can save pipes that have been invaded by nearby tree roots seeking nourishment.

We are proud to offer cost-effective and durable trenchless services for all our customers in in Port Huron, Michigan, all without the traditional replacement hassles such as excavating, digging and the added manpower. We've invested in certifying, insuring, and training our technicians on the latest trenchless processes and products so they can serve you better.

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