If you’re located in the Southfield area, look no further than Mr. Rooter Detroit for all of your plumbing needs! One of our most popular services is the sewer camera inspection, a highly effective diagnostic tool to locate and help solve your plumbing issues.

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The Sewer Camera Inspection

In the past, plumbing experts were limited in their ability to precisely and accurately diagnose a plumbing issue to an educated guess. Excavation of a home’s or business’ pipes was required to locate and fix problems. Today, Mr. Rooter Detroit’s “trenchless” methodology means that only a small access point is needed to both diagnose and repair your plumbing, without any unnecessary damage.

First, your Mr. Rooter technician will insert a small, high-definition camera into the pipe. This provides live video feed, and allows the technician to accurately assess the health of your plumbing. Next, these images are shared with you, our customer, during a consultation. From this point, the best method to solve your pipe problem is executed.

Ordering a Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection will be performed prior to any other Mr. Rooter repair procedure as a means of reducing the time and money needed for your job and increasing overall efficiency. There are a number of other occasions when ordering a stand-alone sewer camera inspection is a great idea, however. Locating lost items like jewelry in pipes is one common use. Another use is to diagnose any persistent problems you’ve been experiencing with your plumbing or to get a “check-up” on elderly plumbing.

If experiencing any of the below, consider a sewer camera inspection in your home:

  • Gurgling pipes
  • Frequent, persistent slow or stagnant drains
  • Lingering odors of sewage in bathrooms or basements
  • Suddenly low water pressure
  • High water bills despite regular usage
  • Persistent damp patches on your basement floor or in your backyard

These issues may be indicative of a much larger problem and shouldn’t be ignored. Ordering a sewer camera inspection is a great way to quickly diagnose your pipes and get your problem solved fast.

If you’ve recently purchased or inherited a new home, or are considering the purchase of a house, a sewer camera inspection can help to inform you of the true state of your new home’s pipes. Though home inspections prior to sale are thorough, they don’t typically include an in-depth examination of the plumbing. A sewer camera inspection could reveal a significant difference in the value of the home - elderly plumbing in need of repair or mistreatment by former owners could mean an expensive repair or replacement job for the new owner!

Additionally, many of our customers order a sewer camera inspection as a bundle with a yearly drain cleaning service, to ensure their plumbing remains healthy and to catch any damage early.Call Mr. Rooter Detroit for your next plumbing service!

If you’d like to know more about our sewer camera inspection or would like to speak with a representative about our other trenchless services, pick up the phone and call Mr. Rooter Detroit today. Our highly trained professionals look forward to tackling your next challenge, so call today!

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