A broken sewer line is a problem that many home and business owners never want to deal with, but with Mr. Rooter Detroit, the stress and inconvenience of a blocked or collapsed sewer line is easily alleviated. We have the equipment and expertise to fix any sort of sewer pipe problem and replace any components that have failed without the disruption to your daily life using trenchless technology.

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While the symptoms of a faulty sewer pipe line vary from obnoxious smells to backups, our experts will be able to identify the causes of these symptoms and make repairs as needed. In order to determine what the exact issue is, a sewer camera inspection needs to be conducted in order to locate areas of concerns, including leaks and cracks within the sewer line, and our solutions are contingent on the results we find in the sewer line. This is accomplished through the insertion a robotic camera using the same access point. This camera sends a live video to our technician who will pilot it through your pipes, assessing the damage, finding the source of the problem, and confirming the needed repairs.

If we determine that the sewer line needs to be replaced, we will conduct our pipe bursting process; a trenchless method of destroying the old pipe and replacing it with a new one at the same time. The drill breaks apart fragments of the pipe and disperses them into the surrounding soil. While the pipe is being burst apart by the drilling head, a high-quality, HDPE pipe is pulled along behind it. This pipeline material is strong and durable, and by simultaneously installing it in place of the old pipe, we can effectively replace it without trenches. As a trenchless process based on advanced technology and solutions, this allows repairs to be fast and reliable.

Usually within a single day, we have confirmed what the exact problem is as well as offered a solution for fixing it in the long run. This is in stark contrast to the dig-and-replace method that dominated past repair processes and customer’s perception of the work. These trenches could take several days or weeks to dig just to expose the pipe, let alone the work needed to remove the faulty section of the pipe and replace it. An extremely destructive and unsafe process, the costs of these repairs are significantly increased by the additional costs of customers needing to restore their landscaping and reverse the property damage. At Mr. Rooter Detroit, we are proud to have moved away from these invasive and demolition-heavy processes in favor of solutions that are more customer-friendly and cost-effective. Our focus is keeping the repairs to a minimum and only doing what is absolutely necessary to keep your home clear of future complications.

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