At Mr. Rooter Detroit, we understand that no one ever wants to face up to the reality of a problem with the sewer lateral that carries waste water away from their home or business. If you are dealing with sewer smells from your drains or the backflow of waste water on your property, it's time to call our team of professionals in order to help prevent your home from becoming contaminated and irreversibly damaged by the water. The first step in solving a sewer line problem is to assess the damage and get a good look at what your options for a repair are; to that end, a sewer camera inspection will be required.

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A sewer camera inspection is exactly what it sounds like; our professionals will inspect your pipes from the inside out through the insertion of a robotic camera. We can use an existing access point to complete the insertion of this probe, ensuring that diagnosing the problem with your pipes will not require excavation or other damage to your property. Once this camera has been inserted, our trained professional will guide it through your sewer lateral, examining it as they go, through the live video feed. Following the completion of this task and compiling a report based on our findings, we provide our customers with an estimate of the costs of the repairs as well as provide options to accomplish the project goals.

A trenchless sewer project is completed with the creation of a new sewer pipe within the old one through the insertion and inflation of an epoxy impregnated liner. This liner forces an epoxy solution against the walls of the existing pipe and then curing to form a new pipe which will last for at least 50 years or more, and its smooth diameter will encourage maximum, efficient water flow. This process does not require the digging of trenches beyond a small access point at either end of the pipe and saves you time and money as a result.

The traditional method of sewer lateral repair is fairly straightforward and requires a large trench to be dug along the line of the sewer pipe going from your property to the street, and the old pipe is then removed and replaced with a new one. The trench is then closed, and the repair is complete. The obvious downside of this approach is the destruction of the landscaping and hardscaping above said pipe (or even the street and sidewalk) through the required excavation and removal of the old pipe. In addition, extensive municipal permitting is typically required for the excavation and disposal of the old sewer line. Furthermore, this process is costly and time-consuming when compared with trenchless sewer repair options. Because of this, our technician will often recommend trenchless-based solutions for repairing sewer lines.

If you’re dealing with a sewer problem in Southfield, call our team at Mr. Rooter Detroit today. We’ll be happy to come assess the problem and get it fixed with advanced technology and repair processes that produce long-lasting solutions for all of our customers in Southfield.

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