The days of digging up your yard and destroying your walls just to get to your pipes for repair are long gone. Mr Rooter Detroit now uses trenchless technology to inspect and repair sewers and drains. When an underground or interior pipe fails we can use existing access points to asses the source of the problem, determine a course of action, and get it fixed fast with minimal damage to your property. Our sewer pipe repair technology is some of the most advanced on the market, and we are proud to offer it as a service to our valued customers.

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Sewer Camera Inspection

Before our team begins any repairs to your sewer or drains, we’ll first diagnose the exact source of the issue via an internal inspection of your pipes. We accomplish this through the use of a robotic camera inserted via an existing clean out or other access point. This camera sends back live video to our technicians who can then accurately assess the internal state of your pipes as well as finding the source of your problem. Once this has been determined accurately we can put together plan of action to get your pipes up and running again. If we find that pipe lining is the best solution to the problem we will provide you with an estimate and begin the work once it's been approved by you.

Preparing a Pipe for Lining

The second step in the pipe lining process is to thoroughly clean out the interior of the pipes to be lined via a professional hydro jetting. This process uses high pressure water to clean and scour the interior of the pipes in question to make sure the epoxy liner can adhere to it properly, allowing it to seal any leaks or problem sites while it cures. And because it does not involve any chemicals, this process is environmentally friendly and does not typically require any municipal permitting to complete.

The Pipe Lining Process

Once the pipe has been cleaned, it's ready for the repair process to begin. This process typically involves the injection of an epoxy impregnated liner into the pipe via a clean out or other access point. This liner contains an internal bladder which will be inflated once it is in place forcing the epoxy against the walls of the pipe. This causes the epoxy to cure and harden at a high density, creating a new pipe within the existing one. This new pipe will have a similar diameter, allowing it to function just as well as the original. The bladder is then removed, leaving the new pipe in place, and the cleanouts are sealed returning your system to full service in less than 48 hours. This process also saves you from expensive excavations or wall tear outs that you end up fixing at your own cost. Furthermore, the lack of need for excavation means nothing ends up in the landfill, nor do you need to procure the same amount of permits as you would for a more traditional repair method.

If you’re dealing with a sewer problem in Southfield, call Mr. Rooter Detroit today and we’ll be happy to come assess the problem and get it fixed, fast!

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