A broken sewer pipe is a problem that cannot wait for a fix. Even in the dead of winter, if your sewer pipe has failed, rendering your buildings wastewater system inoperative, it has to be fixed immediately. Beyond the simple symptoms of a foul odor coming from your drains, the reality is that once a sewer line begins to suffer problems, without a prompt fix, a full backup is inevitable. That means waste water will flow where it doesn’t belong, leading to damage and contamination of your property as well as an expensive headache.

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Camera Inspection of Your Pipes

The first step in solving any sort of problem with your sewer pipe is getting it inspected. This work will be performed by one of our trained technicians through the use of a sewer camera. This camera is inserted via an existing access point for your waste water system. It sends live video back to a screen monitored by our team who will then be able to find the source of the issue and give you an accurate prognosis. If a sewer line replacement is required, we will then give you an estimate and outline your options to get it fixed.

Sewer Pipe Replacement

The traditional method of replacing a sewer line involved digging up the old pipe via a trench dug along the full length of it. This process, often accomplished via backhoe, will require the destruction of any landscaping along the line of the pipe to access the deep clog under the ground. At that point, a new line can be run from your property to the sewer main under the street, restoring functionality. This process requires extensive permitting and usually takes several weeks depending on the time of year. You may also need to vacate the property during this period as water will need to be completely shut off for the duration of the repair work. That said, MR Rooter Detroit also offers the latest in trenchless sewer line replacement.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Trenchless sewer pipe repairs are performed using an epoxy resin liner that is inserted in the broken pipe from a small trench or existing access point at either end. This epoxy is typically inserted via an impregnated liner surrounding an plastic bladder. Once the liner has been pulled into place, the bladder can be inflated, forcing the epoxy against the walls of the existing pipe or into the void where it once was, building a new pipe within the old one. This new pipe will be roughly the same diameter and has an expected lifetime of 50 years, ensuring you have peace of mind when it comes to the future of your property. This process can also be completed far faster than an excavation-based repair and is more cost effective. Fewer permits are required for this sort of repair, which can also speed up the work getting started, saving you a bit more headache.

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