Drain Cleaning in Wayne County

If your home is suffering from problems with a clog that has formed gradually or other sudden complications, call the qualified professionals at Mr. Rooter Detroit to eliminate the problem and restore your drains. Our drain cleaning services will keep your drains clear of problems and prevent the risk of large-scale backup from damaging your property.

Video Camera Inspections

Alongside our drain cleaning services, our video camera inspections are relied on to provide an accurate visual assessment of the interior of your sewer pipeline. Sewer video cameras are an invaluable tool for identifying both current problem areas and anything that has the potential to develop into a larger issue down the road. We use the results of a video inspection to help develop a proactive plan for keeping your drains clean and your pipes clear for years to come.

Types Of Drain Cleaning Services That We Offer

Mr. Rooter Detroit offers a variety of professional drain cleaning techniques. When you call us for service, we provide all of our customers with a personalized plan of action based on the situation we encounter through our inspections. After assessing the circumstances of the problem, we carefully weigh the options and offer the best approach to resolving the issue.

Our two most popular drain cleaning methods are drain augering and hydro jetting. Both these popular methods of drain cleaning resolve a variety of drain line problems and help restore water flow for a clog-free pipe.

  • Drain augering
  • Hydro jetting

Drain augering, also commonly referred to as snaking, is a useful tool for clearing smaller drain blockages, such as clogs that have formed due to grease or organic material buildup. For small-scale root intrusions, we may defer to using our augers to get the job done. Our augering tool is a flexible cable with a specially designed tip. When our technician inserts the auger into your pipes through an access point like the drain or a cleanout, the cutting tip can break a clog into smaller bits that will then flow harmlessly into the main sewer line.

Hydro jetting is a process reserved for major pipe blockages, such as years of mineral deposits or scale buildup, as well as hard knots of tree roots that have grown inside the pipeline. Our equipment uses a strong stream of highly pressurized water to break up clogs and scour away debris, soap scum, sludge, or any other materials that are causing problems inside the pipes.

Preventive Care With Drain Cleaning Services

As drain cleaning experts, our professionals at Mr. Rooter Detroit have been maintaining drains for many years. With our experience in the industry, we understand how important it is for drains to remain clean and clear at all times, and because of this, we strongly recommend scheduling yearly drain cleaning services to keep them functioning smoothly. This promotes a cleaner home as well, ensuring that the drains don’t suffer from clogs and backups that can create unhealthy living conditions.

No matter what condition your drains are in, our highly trained professionals have all the equipment and experience to solve your drain cleaning needs and leave your pipes working at maximum efficiency.

Call us today at (888) 907-7322 to schedule an affordable drain cleaning at your Wayne County property and keep your drains clear and efficient.

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