With advancements in technology and equipment, inspections can be conducted from the inside. This eliminates the ineffective exterior inspection process and allows our homeowners in Wayne County to gain peace of mind knowing that the problem in their pipes will be accurately diagnosed and solved. By calling Mr. Rooter Detroit at the first signs of problematic pipes, you can take steps to protect your home or business from costly sewer backups in the future.

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Video Sewer Camera Inspections

Most sewer pipes are designed to last between 50 and 100 years. In an area such as Wayne County, with its many historic homes and buildings, is supported by an equally older pipe network. With a likely outdated sewer system, this translates to having pipes that are nearing the limits of their lifespan.

Are your drains slow because of a simple clog, or is there a larger issue at stake, like a corroded pipe threatening to collapse? The value of a sewer camera video inspection is that it takes the guesswork and speculation out of the equation. By completing a video sewer inspection, Mr. Rooter Detroit’s talented technicians can immediately diagnose the extent of the problem and take all the necessary steps to get your faulty pipes back in good working order.

During a video inspection, we maneuver a small, waterproof camera through your pipeline. As the special camera travels through the pipes, it records a high-definition, real-time video feed that allows us to spot any cracks, leaks or other problem areas, as well as anything that may cause you trouble a year or two down the road. All of these areas of concern are addressed, either through our cleaning or repair services, ensuring that all of the risks are removed and keeping your home secure in the long run.

Diagnostics Without Digging

Mr. Rooter Detroit’s video sewer inspections are completely non-invasive -- we don’t have to do any digging to get to your pipes. They are also the most cost-effective way to pinpoint the source of any problems or potential problems within your pipe network. Once our technicians know exactly what the issue is, they can then recommend the best course of action for addressing it quickly, easily and affordably, which can save you money on future repair needs.

Even for property owners who have no reason to suspect a problem with their sewer system, it’s worthwhile to schedule a video sewer inspection as a smart preventive measure. Older pipes can develop problems such as mineral deposits, debris buildup and small leaks or cracks, which reduce water flow and make the entire sewer system perform much less efficiently over the years.

Preventive Camera Inspections With Mr. Rooter Detroit

Mr. Rooter Detroit is your locally owned and operated sewer camera inspection specialist. Our licensed and insured technicians are trained and experienced to resolve any type of problem at your Wayne County home or business.

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