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Did you know even a slow dripping faucet can waste up to a few hundred gallons of water per month, or that a clogged toilet may be the sign of a larger and more extensive sewage system issue?

Not many homeowners are aware of the risks associated with everyday plumbing problems, which is why the team at Mr. Rooter of Lynnwood

 is dedicated to not only fixing things when they go wrong, but also informing and educating customers about what they need to know to prevent further damage.

Vinnie Sposari is proud to own and operate one of the most successful Mr. Rooter franchises in the state of Washington. A long-time resident of Seattle, he has worked hard over the last 23 years to create a brand that now commands a reputation of quality and excellence.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, no matter what!

Since starting out in 1992, his primary goal has been to offer top-notch, affordable plumbing services to clients, residential and commercial included. He is by and large a straightforward, honest businessman, the kind of contractor people want working for them.

His no-nonsense, trustworthy values are strongly demonstrated in the fact that each employee that works for Mr. Rooter must first undergo a rigorous drug testing and criminal background check.

The crew is also fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and they even go so far as to provide a whole-home plumbing system inspection at no charge to customers who call in for a service. 

For instance, let’s say you are experiencing a run of the mill issue like a backed up shower drain or a malfunctioning garbage disposal. Along with remedying the immediate problem, Sposari’s top of the line crew will proceed to check all your water and sewage lines to ensure proper functioning.

Another service that stands Mr. Rooter of Lynnwood apart is their one-time back guarantee on all drain line cleaning. No matter what the case may be, whether the issue is caused by work they did or the result of some other calamity, the team at Mr. Rooter will come back and fix it for free. Very few contractors are willing to do this; we like to refer to it as the Sposari exclusive warranty!

We are available 24/7 via phone or email. You can call us anytime, Lynnwood!

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