Speedy Residential Water Line Repairs in Lubbock, TX

Trusted Water Line Repair Services from a Local Company

If you’re having water line problems that are affecting the pressure, quality, or volume of water coming from your faucets, you may need to contact a service professional for water line repair services. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lubbock, we offer speedy, reliable water line repairs in Lubbock, TX, so you can get back to your regular daily routine with minimal disruption.

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If you’ve noticed changes in the color, odor, or taste of your water or are having issues with water pressure, call our 24/7 live answering service to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us online to request a job estimate.

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Signs You Need Water Line Repair

Recognizing the early warning signs that indicate you need water line repairs will make sure you get the help you need before the problem becomes more serious. If you notice these signs of water line problems, call us right away to schedule an inspection and water line repair or replacement:

  • Discolored water
  • Changes in your water’s smell or taste
  • A water test that indicates contaminated water
  • A notice from the city that your area has water contamination
  • Rust and/or corrosion around your pipes or water fixtures
  • Increased water bills
  • A sudden or frequent drop in water pressure
  • Soggy patches on your lawn
  • Puddles of water on the floor near an appliance, like a sink, shower, tub, washing machine, or dishwasher
  • Signs of water damage on the floor, wall, or ceiling
  • A moldy or mildewy smell near water appliances

How Our Water Line Repair Service Is Different

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lubbock, our water line repair services are unique. We use a plumbing video camera inspection to diagnose the location, extent, and cause of your water line problem. We can then determine the fastest, most effective solution for your issue. We don’t need to dig up your yard or demolish walls to find the source of your water line problem. Instead, we make sure that our water line repairs:

  • Are completed in a day or less
  • Are non-invasive and minimally disruptive to your routine
  • Are not messy, damaging, or dirty
  • Are as inexpensive and fast as possible
  • Conform to all industry standards

Our Water Line Repair Solutions

If you need underground water line repair or water line replacement, we will always use the most cost-effective and least invasive method possible. Once we use our camera inspection to diagnose the problem, we use a trenchless water line repair solution that doesn’t require digging up your yard. Our pipe relining process allows us to essentially build a new pipe inside of the old one, using a sleeve to seal cracks, breaks, and damage. Our service professionals work quickly and efficiently to make sure your water line repairs are completed as quickly as possible, with little disruption to your home life and routine.

Schedule Underground Water Line Repair in Lubbock, TX

If you need water line replacement or water line repairs in Lubbock, TX, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Lubbock. We have a 24/7 live answering service to quickly schedule an appointment and dispatch a service professional to your home. We always show up on time, in uniform, and in a branded vehicle. Our workmanship and parts are guaranteed, and we’re always upfront and transparent about pricing. We also offer an Advantage Plan so it’s easy for our customers to schedule routine plumbing maintenance and reduce their risk of costly plumbing problems. If you’re worried about water line repair costs in Lubbock, Levelland, or Brownfield, TX, call us today or contact us online to schedule an appointment or request a job estimate.

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