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Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Twin Cities is a locally owned and operated plumbing services provider with in-depth expertise in residential plumbing systems and how to keep them in top condition. Your plumbing system needs maintenance to extend its life and ensure water and waste flow smoothly in and out of your home.

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Our professional plumbers are available to care for your home’s pipes, fixtures, and other components, whether you need a thorough cleaning or a regular maintenance check in St. Paul or Minneapolis. We offer plumbing diagnosis and inspection services as part of our plumbing services collection. Our company is known for local neighborhood solutions, and we work to be your lifelong plumber by combining quality workmanship with courteous technicians.

Excellent Customer Service Is Our Signature Feature

We can offer many reasons to choose Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Twin Cities to maintain your plumbing system. Our company is committed to earning your satisfaction and providing quality work benefitting your home. Instead of cutting corners or partially cleaning your plumbing system to save time and minimize work, our technicians perform a complete plumbing system evaluation and thoroughly clean it while performing maintenance checks. This comprehensive maintenance and evaluation occur around your schedule to make residential care more convenient. You can experience all the following benefits as part of our plumbing service difference:

  • On-call emergency services
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Guaranteed workmanship and parts
  • Upfront pricing with no overtime charges
  • Punctual, professional plumbing specialists
  • Promise to fix it right the first time
  • Maintenance plans and our Advantage Plan® available

Other Benefits of Our Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspections

Our plumbing services are unlike those other companies offer. After we finish our work, we don’t leave a mess in your home. Instead, we respect your residential spaces and leave them as we found them. While performing maintenance checks, our technicians openly communicate with customers, sharing any problems they encounter and recommending quick and efficient solutions. We never push services your plumbing system does not need but explain your options to help you make informed decisions about which repairs and other services you choose to have us perform. Our priority is to provide plumbing services your system needs while keeping our process transparent, so you always know what work we perform and what you can expect.

Surpassing Residential Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspections

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Twin Cities pairs our residential plumbing diagnosis and inspection services with quick, thorough cleaning and repairs to ensure your system performs optimally. While we inform you about details like how much a plumber diagnosis will cost, we offer various maintenance services to preserve your drains, pipes, and other components. For instance, some of our maintenance services include drain care and HydroScrub® drain cleaning using state-of-the-art sewer jetting technology. HydroScrub® jetting uses water pressure to clear your pipes and help them flow cleanly, smoothly, and efficiently. General drain care involves sanitizing, protecting, and removing damaging materials from your pipes as we prevent further damage and clogs. Our maintenance services make your pipes good as new again.

What Does a Plumbing Inspection Include?

Plumbing inspections go beyond looking in your drains to spot potential clogs or damage. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Twin Cities’ plumbing technicians thoroughly examine and evaluate your plumbing system to assess its condition, including your fixtures, sinks, supply lines, faucets, showers, tubs, water heater, and sump pump. Additionally, we may check your underground sewer pipes and sanitary drains using a camera to look for misalignments, cracks, blockages, and intrusive root growth. We prioritize ensuring your plumbing system flows optimally and identifying current and potential issues before they endanger your system. Your plumbing system should have no drips or leaks, and sufficient water should flow through your pipes. We may perform the following steps during plumbing inspections:

  • Clearing and inspecting cleanouts
  • Inspecting all fixtures and faucets
  • Evaluating your water hardness
  • Examining and tuning up toilets
  • Inspecting your main shut-off valve
  • Examining your garbage disposal
  • Complete pressure vacuum breaker check
  • Examining your pressure-reducing valve

Get an Estimate on Local Plumbing Solutions

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of the Twin Cities helps homeowners prevent costly emergencies with our plumbing diagnosis, inspection, and maintenance services. Our technicians arrive on time to perform quick, thorough evaluations, recommendations, and solutions to restore your system’s condition and performance. Don’t ignore minor plumbing issues to save money and let them grow into substantial and expensive disasters. Regular maintenance will save you money over time and ensure your system’s longevity and efficiency. You can rely on us for low, preferred pricing, priority scheduling, and other perks, including our Advantage Plan®. Request an estimate now to get an accurate quote on the plumbing services you need. We’ll schedule your inspection and maintenance at a time that’s convenient for you.

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