Clogged Drain Repair & Service Newburgh, NY.

A clogged drain can interfere with your daily routine and add unwanted stress when it comes time to do chores. No one wants to stand in water while taking a shower or scrub away grime left by food waste around the surfaces of the sink. Clogs are one of the most common reasons homeowners contact plumbers. Mr. Rooter is qualified to provide homeowners with several options when it comes to clogged drain repair and other services. Our experienced contractors can provide a permanent fix to your clogged drain issues.

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Clogs are caused when materials are forced down the drain that simply don’t belong there. This can be food waste, hair, soap scum, grease, and other debris. Your bathroom and kitchen drains are at the highest risk of clogs because of their consistent use. Some of the most common reasons include:

Food waste.

Many homeowners believe that a garbage disposal can handle anything, which simply isn't true. There are many food items that shouldn't be put in a disposal. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, as well as pasta, coffee grounds, fats, and oils, can all create a clog.


In the shower, we naturally shed hair while shampooing. Many people also shave in the shower, leaving all that hair to naturally go down the drain. Over time, this hair can clump and catch other soap scum and debris, blocking the drain.

Your toilet.

Our toilet systems are designed to handle waste, paper, and not much else. It is important to be mindful of what can and can’t be flushed. Most feminine hygiene products and baby wipes can’t be flushed.

Tree roots.

Sometimes mother nature and our home plumbing system encounter one another. Tree roots can spread over time as a tree grows, seeking rich soil to ensure a long and healthy life. This sometimes means that a root encounters your plumbing. This can lead to clogs that require professional removal.

Signs Your Drain Is Clogged

The drains of your home shouldn’t have any backed-up water, regardless of how long you let the water run from the faucets. Pools of water around the drain and slow draining, in general, are all signs of a serious clogged building deep within your plumbing system. You may also notice your toilet water bubbling when the sink is used. Other signs include gurgles in your drain when running your dishwasher or washing machine. In your kitchen, if you notice unsavory smells coming from your drain, this can be a warning sign that you have food waste stuck in the system.

Let Mr. Rooter Unclog Your Pipes

It’s beneficial to have any clogs assessed by a professional as soon as possible. This ensures that the solution provided will be long-term. Pipes that haven’t been serviced in a long time can have years of build-up. This build-up often requires more than just at-home DIY remedies. Regular maintenance can save you the inconvenience of dealing with a clogged drain. Contact us to learn more about our clogged drain repair and service.

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