Heat Pump Water Heaters in Newburgh

You may be familiar with heat pumps as a method of cooling or heating someone’s property. However, this isn’t the only reason that a property owner might have a heat pump installed. Heat pumps are also an effective way to heat up water.

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Heat pump water heaters can come in the form of a stand-alone water heating system. Other times, they can serve a dual purpose as a space conditioning and water heating system.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Newburgh, we have expert knowledge of heat pump water heaters, including how to install, maintain, and repair them. When you turn to us for services, we’ll help keep your heat pump water heater in perfect working order for years to come.

How Does a Heat Pump Water Heater Work?

Some heating systems will generate their own heat to heat up water or keep your property at a comfortable temperature. But this isn't the case for heat pump water heaters – instead, these systems transfer heat from one location to another by using electricity.

This is an appealing attribute for many property owners in Newburgh. Due to their unique method of creating heat, heat pump water heaters are considerably more energy-efficient than other types of water heaters. In fact, they can be as much as two to three times as energy-efficient when compared to a standard electric resistance water heater. More energy efficiency means that you'll be able to bring down your monthly energy bill.

Should I Hire a Plumber to Install a Heat Pump Water Heater?

If you’re looking to have a heat pump water heater installed, then it’s important that you hire a professional. Those in the Newburgh region can always rely on Mr. Rooter Plumbing to take care of the job.

For your new heat pump water heater to be properly installed, there are several factors that need to be accounted for. This includes climate, fuel type, safety concerns, and any local code requirements for your building. Your Mr. Rooter Plumber will take all of these variables into account, ensuring that your heat pump water heater is installed with ease.

Alternatively, if a heat pump water heater is installed poorly, property owners are far more likely to face maintenance issues and damage to their system down the line.

Selecting Your Own Heat Pump Water Heater

When you start comparing heat pump water heaters to conventional alternatives, you’ll probably notice that there’s a higher initial cost. Still, it’s important to remember that these water heating systems are energy-efficient and feature a lower operating cost than storage water heaters.

To make sure you’re installing the correct heat pump water heater for your property, you’ll need to consider the following variables before making your selection:

  • Fuel availability and type
  • Size & first-hour rating
  • Overall cost
  • Energy efficiency
Whenever you’re interested in having a heat pump water heater installed in Newburgh, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Rooter Plumbing. You can get started by requesting an estimate through our website.
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