There is never a good time for plumbing repairs or necessary upgrades, but that does not mean they have to ruin your day or break the bank. Hard water, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and sediment in your water can be hazardous to your health as well as damaging to pipes, appliances, and clothing. The right time to invest in a whole home water system is now. If you are a home or business owner in the Hopewell Junction, NY area and need water treatment services, water filtration options, or hard water solutions, please reach out to us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing.

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Do I Need a Whole Home Water System?

Hard water is ground water that has picked up magnesium, lime, calcium, and other minerals in its journey from the water treatment plant to your home. In the United States, roughly 85 percent of homes have hard water. There are some early signs of hard water damage that homeowners should be on the lookout for. They include:

  • White, rusty scale buildup on faucets and shower heads
  • Lime scale on shower or bathtub walls
  • Rough, scratchy laundry
  • Dishwasher no longer thoroughly cleaning dishes
  • Itchy, dry skin

All of these are indications that you have hard water. Hard water does not react well with soap and detergent, which could explain why your laundry machine or dishwasher has not been functioning adequately recently. The scaly white buildup that is common on faucets and shower heads is unsightly and can also cause your plumbing to clog and back up if it is not taken care of quickly.

Another common finding with hard water is dry, irritated skin. Hard water leeches’ natural oils from your skin and does not interact well with moisturizing cleansers, leaving your skin dried out over time. This can lead to an increase razor burn acne as well.

If you have noticed any of these issues, there is a good chance that your home has hard water.

Residential Water Treatment Services Includes:

  • Filtering Hard Water: We are the trusted name in water treatment and offer a variety of water filtration options. If your home has hard water, we can offer reverse osmosis or carbon filter installation to help improve the taste and smell of the water in your home.
  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis systems work by physically filtering your water. This means that they remove the magnesium, chlorine, lime, and other minerals that have leeched into your water, leaving you with an odorless, tasteless, mineral-free water. Reverse osmosis systems come in a variety of sizes. We can help you install small, point-of-use systems that attach to one faucet or larger systems that filter all of the water entering the house. These types of systems have the added benefit of removing other possible contaminants in your water, which is not the case with average water softeners.
  • Carbon Filtration: Similar to reverse osmosis, carbon filtration works by filtering contaminants out of the water prior to consumption. Carbon is a highly porous substance, meaning it has a lot of available space to trap VOCs, chlorine, sediment and other contaminants often found in household water systems. It is important to keep in mind that carbon filtration is not as effective as reverse osmosis at removing dissolved minerals from water. However, if VOCs, sediment, or strange tastes in your drinking water are your main concerns carbon filtration is a good option.

Carbon filters also come in a variety of sizes and can be installed either at point-of-use of along the main water line.

We Offer Commercial Water Treatment Service Too!

If your business has hard water, has tested positive for VOCs, or if it requires a different acidity or salinity than what is available from groundwater, Mr. Rooter Plumbing can help. We offer water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, and carbon filters for a wide range of water consumption rates and will handle everything from installation to maintenance and repair.

Don’t Settle for Hard Water, Call Mr. Rooter Today

Hard water, VOCs, and sediment are all definite inconveniences. Luckily Mr. Rooter Plumbing is ready, willing, and able to help you in the Hopewell Junction area with all of your filtration needs. Residential or commercial, large, or small, we are committed to helping you with all plumbing problems that arise. If you have a question about filtration or any of our other services, please give us a call today.

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