The water flowing in the pipes inside your home serves many purposes, such as dishwashing after a party with friends, rinsing of shampoos from your kid's hair, and filling your glass after a long workout session. Many people take their home plumbing systems for granted, and they rarely hire water treatment services. You are not like them. You have to ensure that the water flowing out of your home taps is clean and safe. Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Rhinebeck is here to help you achieve that.

The number of issues that can ruin your tap water is high. Unfortunately, most of the problems are not always apparent, and they can cause severe problems for your entire family. The water might carry contaminants such as heavy metals, agricultural pesticides, and bacteria. It might also have an unbalanced PH that can cause health issues. Mr. Rooter Plumbing and Water Treatment technicians diagnose concerns with the tap water and make a comprehensive report to address all issues.

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Symptoms of Problems in Your Tap Water

Even though telling whether the water flowing in the taps inside your home needs treatment is hard, there are signs you can look for to know whether the water is clean and safe. Public water meets SWDA regulations, but you still need to monitor it to see whether it is clean, safe, and convenient.

Here are the signs to look out for;

  • Foggy glassware or water spots after dishwashing
  • Irritated or dry skin after showering
  • Dull or brittle hair
  • Plumbing fixtures showing a mineral build-up
  • Sandy water texture or noticeable sediments in the water
  • Frequent stomach issues or illnesses after drinking the water

The Most Common Water Issues

The problems in your tap water relate to the water sources. That means that different water sources will demand different treatment methods. Our teams will apply various treatment methods depending on the water uses. Here are the commonly treated water issues.

Municipal Water Issues:

  • Bacteria
  • Contaminants such as agricultural runoff, industrial waste, and chemicals
  • Hard water
  • Disinfectants such as ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines

Well Water Issues:

  • Nitrates
  • Bacteria
  • Hard water
  • Acidic water (pH)
  • Ferrous iron

The Solutions to Your Home Water Problems

Our team of professionals will recommend one treatment method or several of them depending on the water condition. Our water treatment services include:

Water Filtration: Mr. Rooter Plumbing professionals offer water filtration services to match your needs. The services rely on the best filtration systems that will serve your entire home without any need for maintenance. These systems will remove various contaminants from your water and make it clean for home use.

With the help of UV light sanitation systems, the filtration system will prevent the circulation of bacteria through the water supply and prevent diseases. Their application is ideal for both the people using municipal water sources and those using well water.

Water Softening: We classify water as “soft” or “hard” depending on the level of magnesium and calcium in it. The minerals have no negative effects on your health because they should form part of your diet. However, water without the two minerals, known as soft water, is more convenient because it does not leave build-up or films on your clothing, dishes, skin, and fixtures, which is the case to expect with hard water.

Our water treatment services employ advanced softening systems to remove magnesium and calcium from water used in residential and commercial properties. If you are using well water, the systems will eliminate the hard water build-up deposits. They will also remove nitrates and ferrous iron from the water when necessary.

Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis is essential for individuals who require clear water for drinking. This method removes around 99 percent of particles, dissolved salts, bacteria, organics and other contaminants to leave perfectly clean and fresh-tasting water. Our technicians install 6-stage reverse osmosis systems with alkaline filter for the best results and better-tasting water.

Whole Home Water Filtration Systems

We also install a whole home water system. Our technicians will connect this system to your home water supply to improve the overall water quality and protect your family and the fixtures you have attached to the plumbing system.

Whole home water system employs a multiple-steps method to ensure that you are only receiving the purest or cleanest water. The involved steps are filtration, sterilization, purification, and conditioning. We only use the best filtration devices ideal for well water and hard tap water.

Enjoy the Best Plumbing and Water Treatment Services

Our team works hard to ensure that the water you use in your home is in the right condition and to protect the health of your family. Mr. Rooter Plumbing technicians will address any problems, whether it relates to well water or municipal water. We will recommend a filtration system for your commercial property or home, depending on your unique needs. Moreover, we will complete the installation fast and correctly. Contact your local and licensed Rhinebeck water treatment professionals today for an estimate.

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