When you want a whole home water system, installation, service or repair, you can reach out to our Mr. Rooter team today. There are a few things listed below that will make it easy for you to understand what should be added to your home. We also offer service and repairs for the home when you have issues with water filtration or any other systems that have been added to the house.

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What Is a Whole Home Water System?

When you want water treatment options, we will help you choose the appropriate system that filters water for the whole house. In most cases, you have two options when choosing water filters. You can add water filtration units to each faucet, spigot, or showerhead, or you can add a system that filters the water before it enters the house.

A system that filters all the water in the house instantly is much easier to manage because you are dealing with one unit, one filter, and one service appointment every year.

The whole house system is also useful because you get the same results in every sink, spigot, or shower. It is often difficult to add a filter to something like the dishwasher or washing machine. You may not have room for a filter in your shower, or you may not have room under the sink for each new filter. While you think you are saving money, in the long run you are not. The filters will run out at different times, the filters may not perform in the same way even if they were made by the same manufacturer, and you may not feel comfortable installing them.

Call today and speak with a whole house filtration expert at Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Wallkill. We can help choose the right system for your home, install the system and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

How Do You Install a Whole Home Water Treatment System?

The system is installed where the water pipes enter the house or the utility closet that contains the furnace. The whole house filter is a singular device that will be installed where you can easily reach it, and it has a filter that is easy to replace. We will handle the installation, and you can learn to replace the filters. Some filters need to be replaced by one of our technicians, and we will schedule regular service appointments to handle the filter exchange.

Once the system is installed, all the water in the house will be filtered. This is quite useful because you are filtering the water that goes into your dishwasher, washing machine, showers, spigots, and faucets. You can see and smell the difference when the water has been filtered, and you can begin drinking water every day because the taste has improved immensely. You can get healthier with just one whole home water filtration system installation.

Does the System Protect Appliances?

The system will protect your appliances by adding filtered water to each appliance. The system will prevent your appliances from emitting a noxious odor when unfiltered water has sat inside them or their pipes for too long. Some water will even stain your dishwasher or washing machine, and the system helps prevent those stains from ruining these devices.

Filtered water almost makes the house smell a bit nicer. If the water in your home does not smell fresh, it is not enjoyable to turn on the tap. A whole house system will make the house smell nicer, and you will not need to worry about that odd scent that wafts around the house every time you turn on the water.

Do You Need Yearly Service for the System?

You should schedule a yearly service appointment with one of our water treatment experts. We will inspect the filtration system, replace the filters, and ensure that everything is working properly.

We are locally owned, family operated and ready to handle any water treatment needs you may have!

Don’t Wait. Fresh Water Is Available!

Contact Mr. Rooter today if you would like to add a whole house filtration unit to your home. These units are perfect for families that do not want to drink stinky or mineral contaminated water, and these units can protect your appliances at the same time. You should use these devices because the filter can be replaced easily, and you should set up a yearly service appointment to keep the home in top condition.

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