Water is an essential commodity wherever place you visit. We use hundreds, thousands, and millions of liters of water every day in our homes, schools, hospitals, and workplaces. We build wells to act as permanent water storage and fix the latter with pumps. Sometimes, you might need to replace the well pump with a new one in case your water system needs an urgent upgrade.

Sometimes, a well pump malfunctions and leads to water shortage in our households. However, reporting the issue timely might help solve the problem for good. Contrary, letting the issue persist leads to one problem after another.

A failed well pump results in an acute water shortage in the entire household leading to a halt in the normal activities of our homes. Quick action is, therefore, necessary to ensure things get back to normal. To get things back to normal, you are going to need professional. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing we can help!

Mr. Rooter Plumbing is the solution to failed well pumps. Our company does not only replace well pumps but also installs them. We have a professional staff who acts fast when called upon in times of emergencies or when a task such as a new installation is required. Our technicians are equipped with vast experience in dealing with well pumps. All you must do is contact us, and our team will be at your service. We replace well pumps, but just before doing the replacement, we examine them to determine if they need a replacement or if a repair can be accomplished.

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Well Pump Repair

A well pump malfunctions due to many reasons that our experts will clarify once they begin working on your well pump. However, there are signs that indicate your pump needs a repair or replacement. Such signs include:

  • The most apparent sign is lack of water due to lowering of the water table
  • Water spits out when you turn the water faucets
  • Dirty water, common causes are the failing well pump or lowering water levels
  • High electricity bills due to malfunctioning of the pressure switch
  • Unusually abnormal taste in water due to old, corroded pipes

Well Pump Installation

In addition to repairs, Mr. Rooter specializes in well pump installation for your home or commercial property. Proper installation by a licensed professional will help ensure your well pump has a long life and allows you to continue pumping water within your plumbing system for years to come.

We specialize in residential & commercial well pump services in Wallkill & surrounding New York communities.

Well Pump Replacement

You might be obliged to replace your well pump if it malfunctions, and the problem persists. Our team of experts will examine the well pump first before advising you on further actions you should take. In case we encourage you to replace your well pump, we will further recommend the best well pump for your property.

Well pumps might also cease to function due to old age. A correctly installed and maintained well pump lasts for up to a decade-plus, and since there are many types of well pumps, our experts will advise you on the right pump for your household.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our #1 Goal

Mr. Rooter Plumbing in Wallkill is dedicated to customer satisfaction. That is why we are geared towards offering our customers the best service you will ever find. We have a team of uniformed, respectful, kind, and truthful experts equipped with high-end tools to do our job. We have been serving New York communities for decades with commitment to our customers and experience in fixing any well pump issue, be it well repair, well installation, or well replacement.

Our company is both licensed and insured; therefore, you are assured of the security of our services to you. We also do not ask for extra charges in case your well pump needs to be fixed during weekends or overtime. Our customer service is, therefore, up to the notch.

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