Hand Washing Dishes vs. Dishwasher in San Diego

Water conservation is an important part of life in San Diego and throughout California. Something as simple as using less water while washing the dishes can make a huge difference during drought conditions. Let’s look at how hand washing your dishes is wasting a huge amount of water with every single sink full of dirty dishes.

The Waste of Handwashing Dishes

Did you know that hand washing a load of dishes can use up to 27 gallons of water? Considering California residents will need to adhere to new water restrictions in 2022, this would be about 49% of your daily water usage – just to wash one sink full of dishes. Experts agree that using an Energy Star-rated dishwasher is more environmentally friendly and helps conserve gallons of water per load.

Damage to Your Hands

To make sure dishes are sanitized, the water needs to be very hot. Ideally, this means between 140 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just not possible when hand washing the dishes. Your hands would start to blister and burn at those temperatures. Exposure to hot water can also lead to dry skin and eczema, making for very uncomfortable hands.

Advantages of a Dishwasher

The average Energy Star-rated dishwasher uses around three gallons of water per load of dishes. This is a huge advantage over hand washing. The specially designed jets and racks in a dishwasher are very efficient at removing food and grime from your dishes, getting them cleaner than washing by hand. Hotter temperatures mean the dishes get cleaner and are sanitized right out of the cycle. Plus, most newer dishwashers have smaller heaters than your whole house water heater, using less energy to warm up the water than waiting for it to arrive in your sink.

To get the most efficiency, scrape your plates and dishes as much as possible into the trash rather than the disposal, which uses more water.

If you do not have an Energy Star-rated dishwasher in your home, now is the time to install one. In 2020, all residents of California will be required to use under 55 gallons of water per person. Call us today to install a new dishwasher and start saving on your water bill today.