Why Does My Drain Smell Bad?

Your drains are an important plumbing fixture in your home. If you notice a foul odor in them, this may be a sign of an underlying plumbing problem. Here are a few reasons why you may have a foul drain odor in your San Diego home.

#1: You Have an Issue With Your Sewer Gas Trap

In nearly every drain, you should have a bend in the pipe known as a sewer gas trap. This mechanism helps trap sewer gases in between water molecules so that you do not have to encounter these unpleasant odors. However, issues with the sewer gas trap can lead to these gases emerging, leading to foul smells from your drain.

You can have one of the following issues with your sewer gas trap if you have an unpleasant drain odor:

  • You could have a leak in the sewer gas trap that is allowing water and the gas to escape. To determine if you have a leak, look for flooding or dripping under the sink or on the floor near a shower drain.

  • You may not have a sewer trap in the first place. This issue is common in old homes and a plumber can help you determine if you need a trap installation.

  • You could have no water in the trap. If this is an old drain or you have not used water in a very long time, the lack of water in the trap can let the gases emerge. Simply pour water into the trap to remove the smell.

#2: You Have an Organic Buildup

Another reason you may have a foul odor in your drain is the buildup of organic matter. You can have food, bacteria, grease, soap, hair, toothpaste, and other items stuck in your drains. Over time, these items can rot and lead to unpleasant smells in your drains. A plumber can remove this clog.

If you notice a foul odor coming from your San Diego drains, don’t wait to seek help. This drain issue can become worse. Mr. Rooter Plumbing can help alleviate your smelly drains. Contact us today to schedule your drain cleaning appointment at your San Diego home.