Kitchen Garbage Disposer Plumbing Problems

Garbage disposals add convenience to the kitchen by grinding food into smaller bits that will move easily along kitchen drain lines. Maintaining this appliance properly will eliminate unnecessary and costly kitchen plumbing drain repairs. In this section we offer suggestions to keep the garbage disposal working well and help you avoid some common mistakes that will let you enjoy the very thing that is meant to make kitchen chores less demanding.

One of the most important things is to keep the odor under control from that kitchen drain that gets all of the organic food waste passed through it. Do you use your garbage disposal daily? If you do it is highly recommended that you always use cold water and let the water run for 15 seconds before and for an additional 30 seconds after to insure a good rinse through the trap and out through your plumbing drain system. Citrus rinds will keep the drain fresh and ice with rock salt will keep your blades sharp. The following section includes a reminder of the things that should never be introduced to your garbage disposer drain.

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What Can Go Into A Garbage Disposal Kitchen Drain?

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you know that it’s a great appliance that makes household duties less demanding. Clogged drains are a major inconvenience and a jammed garbage disposal can be a very frustrating situation. Follow these suggestions to keep your kitchen plumbing system functioning properly:

  • Make it a priority to keep the garbage disposal clean, by using some quality, grease-cutting dish soap.
  • Turn the garbage disposal on while running cold water down the drain to prevent rust and corrosion. This will keep parts moving and will help prevent obstructions.
  • Why cold water? It helps grease to solidify and then it can be chopped up before reaching the trap.
  • It is safe to grind small chicken and fish bones, egg shells, rock salt and ice because the scouring action inside the grind chamber that cleans the garbage disposal’s walls and keeps blades sharp.
  • Do cut large items into smaller pieces. Put large items into the garbage disposal one at a time in smaller pieces and never try to load large amounts at one time.

Is the Garbage Disposer Jammed?

A jammed garbage disposal can be very frustrating, but it is possible to free your unit by following a few helpful tips. Make sure to turn the unit off or unplug it from beneath the cabinet. Your appliance came with an impeller wrench which gets inserted into the square hole at the bottom of the unit. Most times this will un-jam the unit. Sometimes, using the reset button on the garbage disposal unit will also do the trick. If the motor continues to hum and will not work try using a piece of broomstick at least 2-feet long for leverage to push the impeller around in a clockwise circle. When you get the blade housing to turn, remove the broomstick and remove whatever was lodged in there with a pair of pliers or tongs. Never place your hand down the drain into the unit!

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What If My Garbage Disposal is Leaking? Can It Be Fixed Without Replacing?

We get a good many calls about problems with kitchen garbage disposal unit problems, which is easy to understand with all of the cooking and preparation that goes into a holiday meal for friends and family. We want you to enjoy your time with everyone and not be plagued by a drain that will not flow or a garbage disposer that quits. Preventive measures are always the best solution. Have you had your yearly drain inspection? This is a free service offered by our qualified team. Schedule a free plumbing evaluation today.

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