Residential Sewer System Backups in Santa Cruz, CA

Our Trenchless Repairs of Sewer System Backups

Don't suffer through the mess and stress of a sewer system backup. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Santa Cruz, we quickly fix residential sewer system backups in Santa Cruz, CA. We use a trenchless method to repair sewer system backups, so we don't need to destroy your yard or landscaping. Instead, we do a sewer line inspection to pinpoint where and why your sewer line is damaged. Then we complete sewer line repairs quickly - often in a day or less - so you can get back to your routine. If you're worried about signs of a sewer system backup, call our 24/7 answering service to talk to a dispatcher. You can also schedule an appointment online or request a job estimate.

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Signs of a Sewer System Backup

The sooner you call a service professional, the easier your sewer line repairs will be. Catching a sewer line problem early, or scheduling preventive sewer line maintenance, can prevent a sewer system backup from ever occurring. Don't ignore the warning signs of a sewer system backup. If you see any of these signs that you have a broken sewer line, damaged sewer pipe, or sewer system backup, call us today:

  • Dirty, smelly water is backing up into your sink, toilet, shower, or tub.
  • Your drains are slow, or you find standing water over your drains.
  • Your toilet keeps getting clogged, backing up, or overflowing.
  • Your drains or pipes are making bubbling or gurgling sounds.
  • You find lush spots, soggy patches, or marshy pools of water in your yard.
  • Using one plumbing fixture makes another behave strangely; for instance, using the dishwasher causes your drains to bubble up.
  • The inside or outside of your home smells bad, like raw sewage.
  • Your drains smell like sewage, rotten food, or mold.
  • There are signs of water damage in your home, such as foundation cracks, peeling paint or plaster, water stains, rust, mold or mildew growth, pools of water, and increased humidity.

Causes of Sewer System Backups

If you’ve seen signs of a sewer system backup in or around your home, you're probably wondering why this happened. A lot of factors can contribute to sewer line problems. Without sewer line maintenance and repairs, those problems get bigger, resulting in clogged pipes, slow drains, and sewer system backups. When you call us to repair a sewer system backup, we'll determine why you're having the problem. This helps us determine how to proceed with repairs. These are the most common causes of sewer system backups:

  • Flushing anything other than toilet paper and waste down the toilet.
  • Using sink drains to dispose of oils, fats, grease, pieces of food, paint, and other substances that don’t dissolve in water.
  • Tree roots that have grown down into the sewage pipe and expanded, causing the pipe to break, crack, or burst.
  • Blockages caused by tree roots, plant parts, dirt, rocks, hair, and trash.
  • A blockage of the city’s sewer line.
  • Damaged, old, or worn-out pipes.
  • Heavy storms, rain, sinkholes, erosion, or earthquakes.

How We Repair Sewer System Backups

When you call us to repair a sewer system backup, we'll first do a sewer line inspection. We use an innovative plumbing video camera inspection to quickly find damage to your sewer line. We won't need to dig holes or take down walls - we'll watch the live camera feed to find out what's going on with your sewer line. Once we determine where, why, and how your sewer line is damaged, we'll discuss your sewer system backup repairs. We want our customers to be able to make informed decisions about their plumbing services, so we walk them through every step of our plan. We may recommend one or more of these services to repair a sewer system backup:

  • Hydro Jetting - Hydro jetting uses pressurized jets of water to break apart stubborn clogs in the sewer line. It is powerful enough to dissolve decades of built-up sludge coating your pipes. This debris causes your clogged sewer line will get flushed out of the pipes and into the city's sewer system.
  • Rooter Work and Drain Cleaning - Two other methods of clearing clogged sewer lines are rooter work and drain cleaning. A powerful drain rooter can break through clogs deep within the sewer line. The rooter can tear apart roots, sticks, dirt, rocks, and other debris into smaller pieces so they can be flushed out. We combine this with our drain cleaning services, so the debris gets washed away into the city's sewer line.
  • Pipe Relining - If we discover cracks, breaks, or leaks in your sewer pipes, we recommend pipe relining. This trenchless method uses a sleeve inserted into the sewer pipes. As the sleeve hardens, it also expands. It seals up cracks, breaks, and leaks and prevents future ones from occurring.
  • Pipe Replacement - When the damage to your sewer line is too severe for pipe relining, we can use hydraulics to break apart the pipes. We’ll make two small holes at the beginning and end of your sewer line. We thread in a new pipe using the old one as a guide.

Creating a Sewer Backup Prevention System

Creating a sewer backup prevention system can save you time and money and prevent stress. Once we have completed repairs on your sewer line, we suggest you sign up for our Advantage Plan. The Advantage Plan is a plumbing maintenance plan that can prevent or reduce your risk of future plumbing problems. If you want to avoid another sewer system backup, the Advantage Plan makes it easy to schedule preventive plumbing services like sewer line inspections, drain cleaning, sewer line cleaning, and more. Remember that a sewer backup prevention system costs much less than repeated sewer line repairs.

Call to Repair a Sewer System Backup in Santa Cruz, CA

If you're ready to repair a sewer system backup in Santa Cruz, CA, don't hesitate. Call us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Santa Cruz, and we'll send a service professional to your home for a sewer line inspection. We'll then find the most cost effective and fastest method of repairing your sewer line and fixing problems caused by a sewer system backup. Finally, we'll help you prevent future plumbing problems by scheduling ongoing plumbing maintenance. To learn more about how we repair sewer system backups, call our 24/7 live answering service or request a job estimate.

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