Residential Drain Cleaning Services in Santa Cruz, CA

Having a drain cleaning need in your home or business can make the day turn very stressful … very quickly. Luckily, when you need clogged drain repair support you only need to make one call to Mr. Rooter of Santa Cruz! Our team has years of experience and training providing superior drain cleaning support.

Whether you have a clogged drain in your commercial kitchen sink or your home bathroom - calling Mr. Rooter will get you the expert and timely support that you need!

Drain Cleaning Services

The drains in your home and business can become clogged and require drain cleaning for all sorts of reasons. Typically, a clogged drain is caused by a buildup of some type of residue like grease, soap scum, or health and beauty products.

These products get rinsed down the drain with hot water while they are in a thin, liquid form. But, once they are inside of the drain they begin to cool and thicken - this causes them to adhere to the inside walls of your pipes.

The team at Mr. Rooter has the equipment and the skill to provide expert draining cleaning support to rid your drains of this stubborn build up and get your pipes flowing smoothly again.

Clogged Drain Repair Services

There are a variety of circumstances that will cause a clog to form in your drains, requiring clogged drain repair services. In many cases, it depends on where the drain is located and what it is used for.

Our team has the diagnostic and repair equipment to identify where the clog is located and how to remove it. And, you can call us 24/7 for clogged drain repair support!

Working with Mr. Rooter of Santa Cruz means working with the best in the business. Each member of our team is 100% committed to providing our customers with the best possible care and service. We bring to the table an unwavering dedication to superior customer service and years of training and experience.

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