Residentia Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Santa Cruz, CA

A large portion of your plumbing system is buried in the ground outside of your home. And, that means it is vulnerable to all of the elements of being outside and underground. Your sewer line is a big portion of this outdoor system, and should be paid close attention to because of the sensitive materials that it manages. The best way to avoid a costly sewer line repair or installation is to catch the problem before it escalates. This means scheduling regular maintenance appointments and knowing the signs of trouble. If you are able to tune into your sewer system when it is having trouble, then you can call for help and repair before the problem gets worse. Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repair or Installation

  • It is nearly impossible for the toilets in your home to work properly if the sewer line has a clog or a major leak. If none of your toilets are working correctly, it is likely due to a problem in the sewer system.
  • If water is backing up out of your sinks or toilets and can’t be moved using a plunger, then the problem is bigger and likely located in the sewer line
  • If your drains or toilet are noisy and gurgling, this is a good sign that there is a clog in your sewer line, and you should call for help

Having a sewer line problem in your home can easily escalate to something much bigger if it is not caught in time. The best way to avoid a major problem and expense of a sewer line repair or installation is to make sure that you are staying in touch with your system and not ignoring the signs.

Contact Mr. Rooter of Santa Cruz for regular maintenance inspections to ensure that your system is professionally maintained and kept in top working condition. Regular maintenance helps to identify areas of concern so that they can be repaired before they escalate. And, if something does go wrong - you only need to make one call to us for superior sewer line repair or installation services.

Sewer Line Repair Options

No matter what the cause of your sewer line trouble is, Mr. Rooter of Santa Cruz is here to provide you with exceptional sewer line repair and installation support. Some of our sewer line repair and installation services include:

  • Trenchless sewer line repair. We can provide you with either pipe relining or pipe bursting without even needing to dig a trench in your yard! These repair methods leave you with an fully repaired or replaced sewer line pipe, without the need for digging trenches in your yard to access the pipes.
  • Hydrojetting - If your pipes have a large amount of residue or buildup on the inside walls, the water could be moving through them very slowly. Mr. Rooter of Santa Cruz offers Hydrojetting, which is the process of using highly-pressurized water to scour the inside walls of your pipe and eliminate the corrosion-causing buildup.

For all of your sewer line repair or installation needs, the only call you need to make for exceptional plumbing support and customer care is to Mr. Rooter of Santa Cruz. Our team is highly-trained and experienced to work on all aspects of sewer line repair and installation projects.

We are available 24/7 to help, and we will never charge you an overtime fee. Give us a call today if you are experiencing a sewer line problem or if you need to schedule sewer line maintenance!

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