Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Water Heater

Your water heater can accumulate buildup over time and requires consistent maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Without regular maintenance, your water quality can decrease and you could experience expensive repairs down the line. You may also need a heater replacement sooner than you would if you kept up with regular maintenance. When you’re spring cleaning your Santa Cruz home, follow these tips to safely clean your water heater.

#1: Flush Out Your Water Heater

The first step is to flush out your water heater. You may have mineral buildup in your system, along with other debris. To flush out your water heater, turn off the power and shut off the water inlet. Next, drain the water from your tank by attaching your garden hose to its hose bib. Once you drain your tank, fill it about a quarter of the way and let it drain again. Repeat this process a few times.  Now, you can refill the heater again.

#2: Vacuum the Vents

Many newer models of water heaters have a vent on the bottom of the heater, which helps suck in oxygen to facilitate the heating process. However, this vent can accumulate dust and other forms of debris over the course of the year. To clean out this vent, use a vacuum to suck up the debris and clear out the vent. You may need to clean the vent more frequently depending on the location of your water heater.

#3: Contact a Professional

If you are struggling with cleaning your water heater or you are experiencing difficult grime, seek professional help. Attempting to remedy the problem yourself can lead to additional issues and damage, as well as safety risks to yourself. A plumber can help assess the situation and safely remove any debris that may be causing you problems.

Sometimes, your water heater can experience damage you can’t repair on your own. If you notice signs of damage or extreme wear and tear, contact the professionals at Mr. Rooter Plumbing today. Schedule an appointment with one of our Santa Cruz plumbers to check out your water heater today.