The Truth About Tankless Water Heaters

If you are considering a tankless water heater installation at your home in Santa Cruz, CA, Mr. Rooter has a few facts that might help you make an educated decision.

  1. A tankless water heater isn’t a perfect flow of hot water. While you do get consistent hot water, it does take a minute for it to get to the faucet sometimes. You may also notice that the water is cold before it is hot. The cold water is the water that sits in the pipes after the last shower or bath. If there is a high demand for hot water because you run several different things at once, you may notice that it can’t keep up sometimes. Regardless of the potential of inconsistencies, a tankless water heater is still more convenient than waiting several minutes for the water to heat in a tank water heater.
  2. You may need a water softener to make sure that the tankless water heater runs well. If you do need to get one, you will notice benefits from having a water softener with your laundry and how much easier it is to clean spots off dishes.
  3. The savings that you get from a tankless water heater are over time. Consider a tankless water heater a long-term investment. While there is a higher cost in the beginning compared to a tank water heater, you will benefit from it lasting longer than a standard water heater and using less energy over the years.
  4. It is essential to get a tankless water heater serviced regularly. It may be required in the warranty, and they tend to require more maintenance to prevent mineral build-up.
  5. You may want more than one tankless unit if your home is large. Sometimes one unit isn’t enough for a large, and homeowners opt to install them in different areas of the house.

Considering a tankless water heater is an investment, most people are willing to make because of the benefits of having hot water readily available. In all, a tankless unit for your home in Santa Cruz an make it much easier for everything that requires hot water to get done faster. No longer will you have to time your showers with your dishwasher or clothes washing machine!

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