Schedule Your Summer Plumbing Check-Up

The summer in Santa Cruz is the perfect time to schedule a check-up for the plumbing in your home or business. You can do a quick inspection yourself, so when you plan your check-up, you can let the plumber know about anything that may concern you or any installations you’d like.

Check Your Pool

If you have a pool at your residence in Santa Cruz, CA, check the plumbing for your pool before you call for a plumbing check-up. Inspect the pipes and the pool for cracks or leaks. If you see any signs of wear, you can note this when your plumber comes for the inspection.

Test Your Sprinkler System

If you have an unusual flow of water, or there is a loss of water pressure, there may be a leak somewhere in your sprinkler system that needs repairing.

Inspect Your Pipes

Look at all the pipes that you can see in your home or business for signs of wear, condensation, leaks, or rust. With regular inspections by you and your plumber, you can avoid costly repairs or emergency calls because of a significant leak.

Water Pressure

Test the water pressure by running several faucets at the same time. If the pressure is weak, let your plumber know that you may have a water pressure problem. Low water pressure could be the effects of a leak that isn’t visible.


Note any leaky faucets or sediment built up around your faucets. You could have a hard water issue or need to have your faucet repaired, so a leak doesn’t damage the structure of your home or business.

Check Your Outside Faucets

If you water your lawn or garden with a faucet outside, check it to make sure that the water is flowing correctly.

Once you are done with your inspection, call Mr. Rooter in Santa Cruz and give us your list of items you’d like inspected during your summer check-up. We will make sure the plumbing in your home or business is ready for the rest of the year and make sure that we help you with any other plumbing needs you have.