Reasons to Choose a Tank Water Heater Instead of a Tankless Water Heater

Whether you need a new installation for a home you’re building, or you need a replacement water heater, a water heater with a storage tank may be the best decision. While many homeowners are opting for tankless water heaters, there are still benefits to having a water heater with a storage tank.

  1. The initial investment is much lower for a tank water heater. A tankless water heater costs a lot more to install and replace than a water heater with a storage tank.
  2. Tank water heaters are great for people who rent their homes out. A water heater with a storage tank can limit hot water usage, making it harder to use too much. A tank water heater is great if you pay the water bill for your renters and want the bills to stay low.
  3. A tank water heater is easier to replace if it goes out without warning. Not only are the water heaters cheaper than tankless water heaters, but the installation and replacement processes take much less time, so the costs for labor are more affordable as well.
  4. If there are only a few people in your household, a tank water heater should hold enough water for continual use without having to worry about a lack of hot water.
  5. You can opt for a larger water heater with a storage tank to increase the amount of available hot water in your house.
  6. A storage-tank water heater is much simpler to work with than a tankless unit. Standard water heaters are pretty straightforward, and they don’t need extensive maintenance for a long lifespan.
  7. If you are thinking about remodeling and selling a property, installing a storage-tank water heater can help you save money for other projects in the home. You may want to put the extra funds toward an updated kitchen or bathroom so that you can increase the home’s value much more than a tankless water heater.