10 Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Working Well

  1. Make sure the objects you put down your garbage disposal are supposed to go down the drain. Don’t place grease, bones, glass, trash, plastic, or metal into your disposal. These items can damage and even break your disposal.
  2. Make sure the items you put in your garbage disposal are small.
  3. Use cold water before, during, and after you run your garbage disposal.
  4. Don’t use commercial cleaners on your garbage disposal. Instead, call us to help you get rid of clogs and repair your disposal if needed.
  5. There is a reset button on your garbage disposal. If it isn’t running well or at all, try to push the reset button.
  6. Never put your hands into your garbage disposal, even if it isn’t turned on. Try to get the object with a tool, after you unplug the unit.
  7. Ice cubes can help keep the blades of your garbage disposal sharp. Drop a few into your disposal monthly to keep it in good shape. Ice cubes also help knock debris and grime off the walls of your garbage disposal.
  8. Use a lemon or orange in your garbage disposal if it has terrible odors. The citrus scent will help with the smells and the acid from the fruit will help keep it fresh.
  9. Clean your garbage disposal regularly with dish soap and cold water.
  10. Make sure your family knows how to run the garbage disposal and what is acceptable to put into it. Have them help create grease jars and compost buckets to place by the sinks in your kitchen as reminders to not put these things into the drains.

If you have problems with a slow drain or clogging in your kitchen sink, it could be your garbage disposal or something further down the line. Call us to have the pipes at your Santa Cruz home inspected and cleaned this fall.

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